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Bauer responds to attack ad

Filed By Bil Browning | March 28, 2007 4:13 PM | comments

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Today's South Bend Tribune carries a small article about the attack ad against Pat Bauer that ran in Sunday's paper. One small clip from the article made me pause... (emphasis mine)

Indiana House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer said Tuesday that newspaper ads supporting a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage won't determine whether the measure will come to a floor vote.

If the amendment comes out of the Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee it will get a vote, Bauer said, "not because of this ad, because of the process."

Now, I know that the part I highlighted isn't a direct quote from Bauer, but I'm still intrigued. With the lack of information flowing out of our state-wide LGBT groups about what's going on at the Statehouse, everyone is busy speculating. Should this signal that the amendment may not come out of committee? That would be even better than an amended amendment, wouldn't it? What do you think? Do we have a shot?

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Better?? That'd be the best! That would be what we have been talking about from the begining. I remember hearing about a sign at Eric Miller's Hate Fest 2007. The sign, held by a lesbian I'm told, said: "When do I get to vote on YOUR marriage?". That was great. It really put it into perspectvie. Hey yeah.. When DO I get to vote on the validity of their relationships? We have been so cought up, and reasonably so, in the notion of them making the unthinkable less unthinkable and just buy us time, that we didnt think much about the committee actually doing the RIGHT thing. To not allow this hateful peice of legislation to surface at all. This bill is RUBISH. And like it says on the side of my McDondalds Cup, put rubish in its place.!