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Guess who could be running for the GOP presidential nomination? Michael Savage, that's who.

Here's the sterling recommendation that he got from someone he hired:

And this brings me to why I would encourage Savage to don yet one more hat and then throw it into the ring. All the current high profile presidential contenders are pretenders, people who, for lack of either wisdom or will, will never broach the real issues or speak hard truths. They'll never talk honestly about immigration, Islam, the destruction of our culture and sovereignty or anything else that really matters, and, damnably, the Shill Media won't ask them the tough questions.

Michael Savage would, in the least, stand a chance of taking these soporific candidates and a slumbering people out of their comfort zone and bringing real issues and outside-the-box thinking to the forefront. [....]So it's not really about whether Michael Savage can win but, rather, the opportunity to force politicking sentient programs in a virus-ridden system to deal with relevant data. It's a task that may be impossible, as even Neo might be trumped by the neo-cons. But maybe, just perhaps, Dr. Savage can help administer that red pill.

Hear! Hear!

Man, wouldn't it be the funniest thing ever to see him tell Giuliani in a debate that he's a homosexual apologist, or for him to tell McCain that he's soft on terror, or for him to call Romney a baby-killer? For him to say what the majority of conservatives are thinking and air it out? OK, fine, maybe that's just me and maybe I just have a sick and twisted sense of humor.

Either way, he needs your vote now to help decide whether or not to run.

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This is going to sound strange, but back him. After all, he'll step down from his radio show!