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And what we didn't get to this week at Bilerico:

  • Archdeacons worried that Elton John would turn Trinidad and Tobago gay and banned him from the island. Seriously, if he has that much power, we need to get him to do a concert series throughout Indiana. (Contactmusic)

  • Mexico City's civil unions law went into effect. Bush was there this past week, but decided to pass on the local custom. (The Scotsman)

  • A study found that the number of servicemembers the US military misses out on because of DADT is much higher if you include those people who don't reenlist. (365gay)

  • Mike Jones' massage table got pulled from eBay. Does anyone know of an alternative to it? (Joe.My.God)

  • The European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the proposed Nigerian bill that would have banned gays from talking to each other, visiting gay websites, or pretty much doing anything else except dying. (European Parliament)

  • The New Hampshire House passed a bill that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children together. (Union-Leader)

  • The very controversial gay civil rights bill passed the House of Lords this week, with no exception for Catholic adoption agencies. Also, no exceptions for exclusively gay clubs, but that's not important right now. (BBC News)

  • Basketball coach Rene Portland and her "no lesbians" policy both quit Pennsylvania State University. (OutSports)

  • South Carolina just approved its anti-marriage amendment. Good to have, because you don't want just anyone to have a family in South Carolina. (The State)

  • The New Mexico House just passed a bill to recognize gay domestic partnerships. Also, 365gay beat the local papers to the story. (365gay)

  • And Ken Hutcherson posed as a White House liaison to Latvia. Also interesting, he's completely insane. (AmericaBlog)

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