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Good riddance

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Depauw's chapter of Delta Zeta, the sorority that kicked out all the women it considered not attractive enough to frat bros and not white enough, has been shut down. From the Washington Post:

DePauw University's president on Monday ordered a sorority off campus by fall after Delta Zeta kicked out nearly two dozen members and drew accusations that only attractive, popular students were asked to remain. School President Robert G. Bottoms said the values of the sorority did not fit with the 2,200-student private college in western Indiana.[...]

Bottoms said the school was unhappy with Delta Zeta's policies and actions, and with some of the postings on its Web site in response to the controversy that followed the evictions.

"I came to the conclusion that our approaches to these issues are just incompatible," he said in a news conference.

He did not elaborate on the policies with which the school disagreed.

Too bad the problem is structural and not limited to this one sorority. The Washington Post article indicates that the sorority was already labeled a "dog house" and was having trouble filling its rooms. I remember a socially responsible sorority on my campus had similar problems meeting recruitment goals and was shut down the year I graduated. It's almost like a system based on excluding others and creating rigid cool/uncool categories can't be socially progressive. Fancy that.

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GDI for a reason | March 13, 2007 6:20 PM

This action was welcome, and tardy. It could've been done last week. No facts have changed.

Dr. Bottoms is a bright man. He finally figured out he could be a hero for this action.

He'd have been a bigger hero last week.

I'm glad that you posted on this, Alex. I shopped it around to a few of our female contributors, but they all passed on posting about it. I was going to break down and cover it myself, but then found I didn't have to! :)

The whole story is appalling to me. I think that the University did the right thing. Now I hope that maybe they'll realize that a lot of the time, the recruits that go to other houses go there based on appearance and wealth. While it's horrible that this sorority cleaned house and got rid of "the dogs," but the other sorority's just snatched up the attractive women first. To think that all the other sorority's weren't doing the same thing is rather naive. No other sorority pledged the women. Why not?