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Marion and Bedford news oppose SJR-7 too

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Just in case you're keeping track at home, I recently found two more newspapers that are editorializing against SJR-7. Who do you think is going to be next? I'm betting on Lafayette...

From the Marion Chronicle-Tribune:

Supporters of a ban on same-sex marriage don't want to wait until 2010, but they can cool their jets. State or federal constitutions should not be changed in a hurry.

If we have to have this proposed amendment set before the people, make the changes and let the General Assembly go through the ratification process again.

Getting it right is more important and worth waiting for.

And from the Bedford Times-Mail:
It seems obvious why the state cares about the ages of the individuals getting married. For example, it's not permitted to those younger than 18 without special exemptions, such as parental permission for those age 17 and circuit court permission for those ages 15 or 16.

But it's not clear why the government should regulate the gender of those involved in marriages.

No other marriage requirement -- age, residency and number of previous marriages -- in Indiana is strictly based on morality. If more marriage requirements were based on morality, it would certainly make legal marrage more difficult.

Our lawmakers should step back from religious debates and take a longer look at whether they should be proposing rules seemingly based on morality alone.

So let's see... This means that the major newspapers for Marion, Bedford, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Evansville, and South Bend will have all "come out" in opposition to the proposed amendment. Did I miss any?

Some cities that are missing that I assumed would have joined the chorus by now: Gary, Merrillville, East Chicago, Richmond, Terre Haute, Anderson, Lafayette, and Columbus. I wonder how many of them we'll pick off yet...

Oh, and remind me again what newspapers have come out in favor of the amendment?

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Chris Douglas | March 24, 2007 6:53 PM

The Bedford opposition is especially gratifying, home as it is (if I'm not mistaken) to Senator Brent Steele.

Good Lord.. I cant believe it.. My home town newspaper makes good.. I grew up in Marion and I can tell you this is a big deal. Marion is a hot bed for bigotry of all kinds. We need to see articles like this more often. Let the people save their own asses..
But thats very cool. I wrote a letter to them as Im sure they are being let have it by the foaming-at-the-mouth crazies..