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Men vs women: It's all about the crotch

Filed By Bil Browning | March 15, 2007 10:28 AM | comments

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image7.gifJerame pointed me to a fascinating article yesterday that mostly deals with web design and usability. While I doubt that most of our readers would be interested in the web aspects of the piece, there is a part that *ahem* stood out to me...

Social scientists used "eyetracking" technology to study where users focused on a web page when asked to "read the news" or "read/learn" so they could assist designers in better site creation. But the study also showed an interesting tidbit that really makes me giggle.

It seems that when both men and women are asked to look at a picture (whether human or animal), the men tend to focus on what the article terms "areas of private anatomy." This is true with both heterosexual and homosexual men. Women, on the other hand, focused solely on the face.

Which just goes to prove that old adage that it's all about dick size with men. From the peeping at the urinals to porn, men simply have a fascination with penises - their own or someone else's. I've noticed this often when hanging out with friends: "Did you see the size of his package?!?" Well, being gifted with really poor eyesight, most of the time, no - I didn't. But I'm always surprised by how often it comes up - even with straight friends.

What do you think of this? Seems to me it helps to prove that sexuality is fluid as versus the strict homo vs hetero dichotomy. Humans are sexual beings - period. We look. We imagine. And we put too much stock in narrowly constructed theories of what it means to be male or female.

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Marla R. Stevens | March 15, 2007 5:53 PM

Darn it, now I'm going to notice what I'm looking at, which is going to drag my eyes downward to see what I don't see at first look, which I really have no interest in (unless maybe it's really unusual as in it belongs on an Olbermann Oddball segment) and I'll then have to question whether it's nature or some sort of sexist Victoriana nurture thing and that will then cause me to miss the opposing team setting a screen and leave me wondering what the f*** happened that my team let those SOBs get that nice easy layup without so much as a semblance of defense.