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No gay club for you!

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More on the Utah anti-GSA bill from Utah County's Daily-Herald:

"This is really broad policy," said Carol Lear, director of school law and legislation for the Utah Office of Education. "To write this -- the seventh iteration of a bill -- in a compressed time frame is not the best way to write state policy.

"There's a lot of vague language in it that I'm not sure is constitutionally enforceable."

Why can't anti-gay groups write good anti-gay legislation? Why is it always vague and they have no idea what the effects are going to be? I don't know if SJR-7 is intentionally or accidentally that way, but I find it hard to believe that any legislator would want to take away domestic violence protections from unmarried couples.

But I think this Utah bill might beat SJR-7 in wackiness of side effects:

One concern is what the expanded regulation of clubs could mean for school district liability. The new rules would require districts to approve the club's name, statement of purpose, meeting dates and budget, which is a higher level of involvement than simply providing a supervised meeting place.

"They can't do that without assuming more liability than they want" for club activities, including high-risk endeavors like skiing, rodeo and hockey, Lear said. "The district's going to be hard-pressed to say, 'We didn't have that much responsibility.' "

Not rodeo!!!!! Say what you want about SJR-7, it leaves rodeo intact.

(I have a special place in my heart for Rodeo Club because it's the only thing that got me through high school. I was a smart kid from a tough background who was about to drop out of school, but then I joined Rodeo Club. Mr. Johansen taught me about more than just bucking broncos and tying lassos - he taught me to believe in myself. I owe everything to him, but I think we're even since the next year, when the bank was about to foreclose on his rodeo field, I got a rag-tag group of dysfunctional teens together to win the grand prize at the National Teen Rodeo. We beat the vaguely evil, over-trained, and overly funded ten-time national champions from New York City and were able to the grand prize to Mr. Johansen, an amount of money that was exactly equal to the amount of money owed on the rodeo field, and I won the heart of the cutest boy in school, whose previous boyfriend never realized how special he was. So back off, Utah legislators.)

In the UK, a new set of regulations could be passed that would provide a lot of protections to our British brothers and sisters:

The regulations mean that it will be illegal to refuse a double room to a gay couple, refuse to offer a gift registration service, admission to a school based of a parent's sexuality and to refuse admission to a sports club on the basis of sexual orientation.

But it also means that gay bars and clubs will have to let straight people in, as it will be illegal to discriminate against anyone due to their sexuality.

I once brought a straight boy with me to Talbott Street. He had a good time. More guys hit on him than me. I never took him back.

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Eh... I was wrong. No pocket veto by the governor of Utah, but there is a pocket signature (if that makes sense). Ambiguity thy name is the moral right.