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OK, I have my list of things that I oughtta be posting about that overflowed from last week to this one, and a few new things happened over the weekend (I don't blog anymore on weekends except for the Qomics). Not so long ago I had to struggle to find things to post about, but not so any more. A few things happened that gave me the afternoon off today, I'm going to try to catch up.

So the question for today, the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War: In what ways has the war specifically altered the lives of GLBT people?

Here's 365gay's article on DADT dismissals from last week and here's my old post on the death squads that target LGBT Iraqis in the country's current lawlessness. But I'm sure you all have some other ideas as well.

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You mean like the unstoppable allure of Elton John which Philip Isaac, the archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago, says will turn his countrymen gay?

Or that the USA is now a meat sandwich between the whole wheat breads of Canadian marriage for gays and lesbians and the sourdough of Mexican civil unions?

Or that long-lost, oft-rumored, gay-centric Star Trek episode will finally be made?


You better be careful there, Lynn. Keep popping out story ideas like that and I'll give you a job. *grins*

Oh, Lynn. Your comments always brighten up my day. US = meat. Haw haw haw.

I'm going to put in a plug for my latter idea in the post. Under Saddam, homosexuality was illegal, but you wouldn't get killed for it. That seems to be a big change since the invasion.