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1. Which table of contents is from Wikipedia's entry on homosexuality and which one is from the new Conservapedia's?


Exhibit A.JPG


Exhibit B.JPG

2. Which one is the first two sentences from the entry on homosexuality from Wikipedia, and which one is the first two sentences from that entry from Conservapedia?


Homosexuality is a sexual attraction or activity between members of the same sex. It is condemned by the Bible as explained below.


Homosexuality refers to sexual interaction and / or romantic attraction between individuals of the same sex. In modern use, the adjective homosexual is used for intimate relationships and/or sexual relations between people of the same sex, who may or may not identify themselves as gay or lesbian.

OK, and finally:

3. Which describes Wikipedia and which describes Conservapedia?

A: There are well-written, well-researched entries for each "gay", "lesbian", "bisexuality", and "transgender" that provide information on GLBT history, culture, and politics, and even taught the author of this quiz a thing or two.

B: There are no entries for "gay", "lesbian", or "transgender", and the small entry on "bisexuality" compares it to beastiality.

Answers after the jump!

If you connected B, A, then B with Conservapedia, then you're correct!

You can also read about bias in Wikipedia here, even though you'll just think you're reading about how there's too little bias in Wikipedia. Don't worry, with conservatives thinking up alternatives to every generally well-researched media source (like with Fox News as a response to CNN and MSNBC, CBN and talk radio responding to networks TV's news programs, and The Washington Times and The NY Post in response to real newspapers), you'll never have to have your opinions challenged with facts again!

Just like Carmen from last Monday's Prickly City:

You, too, will never have to admit the plainly obvious again!

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And you didn't even mention their page on the much vaunted Homosexual Agenda!