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One thing that was astonishing about the Bush administration between 2002 and 2004, when it had, to all appearances, a lock on political power in this country, was that this sense of victimization was pervasive. Victimized by Joe Wilson! Victimized by the press (who actually collaborated with them in hiding all their crimes)! Victimized by Saddam Hussein! Victimized, according to Coulter, by the 9/11 widows and by people who don't want to be called "faggots"! Victimized by the captives in Abu Ghraib and the detainees at Gitmo! Victimized, according to Dinesh D'Souza, by those families who don't look or act like traditional nuclear families!

[....] These feelings of victimization (which are evident in the tone of grievance that these conservatives habitually voice), are the key to Bush/Cheney/Coulter conservatism because it is these feelings that are never assuaged or satisfied in a society where all citizens are created equal.
--Jane Smiley on The Huffinton Post

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