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"I recently had a conversation with some other military leaders on this issue and their point to me was 'It's working, so leave it alone. Generally, overall, it's working.' I don't think there's any doubt that there are evolving attitudes in America about many issues, including this one, but every military leader that I talk to, I say 'Should we change it?' They say, 'It's working.' And right now we've got the best military we've ever had - the most professional, best trained, equipped and the bravest. And so I think it's logical to leave this issue alone. I really do."
--Raging maverick Sen. John McCain on repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell this past Thursday

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Wake Up, John | March 12, 2007 7:51 AM

Is McCain really going to keep riding this dead horse?

It has shoved his poll numbers down. It has encouraged two more solid conservatives, Thompson and Hagel, into the race.

Who's advising McCain? POW credentials do not qualify you to be wrong eternally, John. There's only so much nonsense primary voters will overlook.

This war was a stupid decision based on testosterone-driven madness. Daily, the public is coming to realize it in spades. History will be harsh.

Does McCain really want to ride this horse into the sunset? Evidently so.


John McCain is an ass. As far as I know he's one of the only major candidates to think it's working. God knows, no one else does.

I think the answer would have been different if he asked the "troops" not the leadership. I served in silence in the Air Force for 8 years and my closest friends knew my orientation and it was not an issue. However, I still had to hide it in general. I just think it wasn't necessary and I certainly welcome a repeal of DADT.

Allen J. Lopp | March 12, 2007 3:33 PM

What about DADT is working? Last I heard, the military is discharging two servicemembers per day, two servicemembers who usually are performing their duties well and not causing an ounce of trouble. I've heard we've wasted millions in the process of identifying and discharging these servicemembers. I've heard we spend millions to recruit and train their replacements. Now, what exactly is working?

The reason the commanders might say "It's working" is because they don't have to write the checks for all this waste ... the US taxpayer does.

And I'm very sad to see that Mr. McCain doesn't realize that the off-hand opinions of the generals isn't the only thing to consider here.

Right on, Allen. What does Mr. McCain mean by "working"? Because we know that it's not working to:

-increase troop morale
-save money
-increase troop numbers
-increase troop qualifications
-reduce threats against the military
-win the wars in Iraq and Afganistan

The only things it seems to be "working" for are:

-materially hurting gay and lesbian troops
-decreasing overall military effectiveness

Now is anyone going to call him on "aiding and abetting the enemy" because of the latter result?