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The governor of Utah announced that he'll sign that toxic anti-GSA bill into law. (I may have mentioned it here, here, and here.) I'm really trying to understand the point of this. We know we have a group of kids with a higher than average suicide rate, and we have a partial solution to that problem. So this shouldn't be all that complicated.

Instead, we have politicians beating around the bush allowing school boards to ban clubs that threaten the "moral well-being" of students, apparently because teaching them to lie to please others and to harass those who are different is necessary for students' moral well-being. And they use the empty ideology of "parental rights" (which for these sorts doesn't apply to gay and lesbian and trans parents) to push it through instead of just saying what they mean.

So at this point, the ball's in their court. If Utah social conservatives want to get rid of GSA's, then they should find another way to accomplish the goals of reducing harassment of GLBT youth in schools and reducing GLBT teen suicide. Let's see if they step up to the plate.

If they don't, then they'll show what we all already know that they believe: that the goals above are not worth fighting for.

Can anyone say "tacit endorsement"?

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