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SJR-7 goes to committee

Filed By Jerame Davis | March 12, 2007 8:40 PM | comments

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It appears that SJR-7 finally has a committee to call home. The website for the Indiana General Assembly was updated today to show SJR-7 was assigned to the Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures chaired by Rep. Scott Pelath (D - Michigan City).

You can follow the progress of SJR-7 throughout the session on the Indiana General Assembly Website (link goes to bill info.)

Let's hope Rep. Pelath and his committee take a hard long look at this amendment and the damage that such bad language will cause.

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The fact it has been assigned to the Rules Committee as opposed to a substantive committee like the Judiciary Committee could be a good sign. Legislation often dies in Rules. If it survives, it's generally sent to the substantive committee after being reported out of Rules, creating another hurdle for it. It's also all the more reason to turn up the heat on Pelath as I've been doing.

Finally, Good Neews | March 13, 2007 6:02 AM

Rules is a good sign. Rep. Lawson had been telling folks for two weeks her committee (Judiciary) would get it. And there are some goofs on that committee.

Traditionally, Rules is the Speaker's burial ground. But with this Speaker, who knows any more?

Other Rules members:

Dems: Rep. Stilwell (not necessarily a friend), Austion, Earl Harris, Oxley, Kuzman.

Republicans: Whetstone (ugh), Borror, Foley, Turner.

Whether these reps are yours or not, take five minutes and e-mail each one. If you can get five friends to do the same, do it.

Once a week until this is resolved.

Tell them about your family, that you pay taxes, that you're a productive member of society, and that SJR7 insults all of us.

Deadline for third House reading of Senate bills is April 11, coincidentally the final day for conference committee reports, unnless the Rules Committee waives that requirement.

Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one. Rules seems like the last place to send a marriage amendment, but I am often confused about why bills go to this committee or that one.

Last time, SJR-7 went to Judiciary, which makes sense when you consider that one of the big items on the right wing To Do list is to tie the hands of "activist judges".

It's possible that Lawson was expecting to get the bill since it went to Judiciary the last time, but I wonder if this wasn't a last minute change in plans. I had heard two different committees that it was "certain" to get assigned to and neither of those were Rules.

Keep watching the link in the original entry above. Anytime anything happens with SJR-7, the information on that page will be updated.