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Soulforce Equality Riders arrested at Notre Dame

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Friday night, several of the Equality Riders went on the Notre Dame campus to place a wreath of flowers on the memorial of a gay Notre Dame alum who served in the navy. They were joined by two Notre Dame students:

Velazquez and the graduate student received an "official summons subject to immediate suspension" from campus officials. They were able to deliver one of the three wreaths to the Dooley memorial site.
One of the Riders said:
As a gay Catholic man who was once in seminary, I walked onto Notre Dame today to help make my church a universal church. I did as Jesus Christ did and went all the way for love.
So wow. Just wow. All that they were going to do was put a wreath on a soldier's memorial and they got arrested. You don't have to wonder what Jesus would have thought about this, because it's so simple and so cut-and-dry (no, I can't find another side to this story because Notre Dame hasn't released a statement concerning this and the South Bend Tribune hasn't covered it). They were released in several hours, but the point of the arrests was clear: Notre Dame University will squash non-violent protest it disagrees with.

So tell me, where are all the "Support the Troops" car magnet people on this one? These kids were arrested for honoring a soldier.

And what about all of the anti-campus speech code FIRE people? Two students of Notre Dame were arrested for expressing an opinion in a nonviolent way.

Oh, wait, I forgot; "Support the Troops" and "Campus Free Speech" are mantras to support a specific politcal agenda and have nothing to do with actually supporting the troops or actual campus free speech.

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