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State Legislators Holding the Eyes of Women Open

Filed By Carrie Wooten | March 23, 2007 11:41 AM | comments

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In a 91-23 vote, South Carolina legislators have succeeded in passing a bill deemed "emotional blackmail" by those who oppose it. In the bill, women seeking abortions would be legally required to view the images of the fetus during a routine ultrasound before being allowed to go through with the procedure. Viewed by its opponents as an intimidation tactic, supporters hope that the new measure will encourage women to carry their pregnancy to term.

This sort of crap just makes me tired. Being told over and over again that we have no capacity to make decisions for ourselves gets a little old, but this is just cruel. I can't imagine that anyone would argue that the decision to get an abortion would ever be easy, so it really angers me when further harm is inflicted on someone who is suffering enough. What bills like these do is treat women like children who have no ability to understand their own actions, who need guidance from the patriarchs of the legislation to be put on the right path, whose own autonomy is purposefully stalled. This is manipulation at its finest and honestly, a brilliant strategy of the "moral right."

Will we ever see a time when women are trusted to run the course of their own lives?

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And to be fair, perhaps women who have decided to carry their pregnancy to term should have to be consulted by adoption agencies.

And, anyway, who is going to pay for these ultrsounds??

The ultrasound is part of any routine abortion to determine the age of the fetus and the appropriate methods used to abort it. The difference is that in all of these situations the woman is not forced to look at the monitor.