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The negatives just keep piling up

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Today's Indianapolis Star has an article by Bill Ruthhart that profiles Indiana University music professor Peter Burkholder. Burkholder is the author of the most widely used music history textbook in the nation and is internationally known and regarded. But why is he in the news?

Because if SJR-7 passes, Burkholder and his partner Doug McKinney will be packing up and moving. IU heavily recruited Burkholder from the University of Wisconsin and he's brought prestige to the university in exchange. This is the kind of guy that you want to keep around.

Not that Brandt Hershman cares, of course. After all, he tried to outlaw domestic partner benefits at all public university years ago. Unintended consequences? Maybe they're not so unintended after all... Who's trying to confuse the issues, Brandt?

"I have encouraged those who have tried to spread this false argument about partner benefits to present any kind of legal reasoning based upon Indiana's language, and I'm still waiting," Hershman said. "Their intent is to confuse the issue rather than deal in any factual realm."
"I've told my dean that the moment this passes the legislature, I will be on the job market," said Burkholder, the school's distinguished professor of music.
"I have to defend my family."

Same-sex couples at universities across the state -- as well as those who work in the public sector in general -- share Burkholder's concerns about the amendment.

Especially troubling to them is its second sentence, which they argue could lead to lawsuits that might force universities and other public employers that rely on taxpayer dollars to stop offering domestic-partner benefits.

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Marla R. Stevens | March 21, 2007 12:11 PM

Burkholder is such a big star! Wow!! I'm impressed that he's taking a stand!!!

The article's comments section is large and growing, BTW, and full of the sort of Fundies' Garden of Mis/Dysinformation that begs correction.