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This is unbelievable

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I'm breaking from my usual policy of not responding to blogs (I cite them and I expand on their points, but I don't do the answer thing, because I personally think that since anyone can get a blog, it's a waste of time to repond to everyone I disagree with) and posting on this because it is so very beyond the pale.

It's an article on Townhall entitled "How to bomb a gay bath house", and the author, Mike Adams, sounds serious. (Follow the link above to read the whole thing. The language and imagery is a bit strong, so I'm putting the blockquote after the jump.) John Aravosis thinks it's a joke; I respectfully disagree. (h/t to him, btw)

The column starts by lamenting how gays can use the word faggot and "straits" (he can't spell it) cannot, as reasons why Ann Coulter shouldn't apologize for her John Edwards comment. He says that her critics are just part of a Homosexual Agenda to Shake Down Money out of Fearful Pandering Corporations, and he's 100% serious there. (When he loses the right to marry, 27% of his income, and his ability to show affection towards his significant other in most public spaces, I'll personally write him a License to Say Faggot.) But the article only gets worse from there, and that's all after the jump.

After playing the Straight Oppression Card, and with no change in gears to show irony, he says:

But enough about what Ann ought not to do. Here's what she should do immediately:

1. Start a website called "Global War on Fags" today.

2. Begin writing essays calling for the cleansing and purification of society via the mass murder of homosexuals.

3. Distribute videos on the website showing the actual murders of homosexuals.

4. Circulate instructions on how to bomb gay bath houses in San Francisco.

5. Circulate a "battle dispatch" to give people specific information on America's most notorious bath houses.

6. Apply for a job at Kent State University.

Now, if this is supposed to be some sort of joke, then I'm flabbergasted that he would think that it's funny. Would he find it funny if I started a webpage calling for his death with his address and all and if someone actually went out and killed him I posted a video of it happening? Absolutely not - that would be incitement to murder, not schtick.

I think he's probably referring to an internet conspiracy theory where a Middle Eastern or Muslim Kent State Professor was thought to have done the same. Besides the fact that the probability it happened as he describes is the same chance that Jamil Hussein doesn't exist (0%), the situation is different when he's touching the reality of a, by any rational calculus, powerless minority. From Fred Phelps to to Ronald Reagan's intentional ignorance of AIDS to the whole Religious Right's pray-away-the-gay, it seems like the only thing that the Right wants is for us to die or otherwise stop existing. What he's describing is not some abstraction, but reality. Adams here is only adding to that voice, not criticizing it or using it as an appropriate analogy.

More importantly, this is one of the most frequented webpages of the Right. It's not just any blog. Like some conservatives who tried to distance themselves from Coulter's CPAC comment, most will embrace it because it is the center of their "movement".

Like Aravosis said: "And Republicans wonder why only 30% of the country likes them anymore."

All I know is that now that I'm considering schools at which to pursue higher education, Adams' UNC-Wilmington will not be one of them.

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Well, Alex, it doesn't actually say "how". Which leaves the reader realizing this is just another extremist-wannabe fool. Chillax.

And I just had a lesbian friend start at UNC-Charlotte. While this is a joke, it's still a sick joke which conveys his very real intents.

Adams was refering to Julio C?sar Pino Associate Professor, Latin American History. He has been described by Adams as an outspoken apologist for Palestinian terrorism and said to indoctrinate students in pro-Castro and pro-Sandinista politics. Adams has written several articles on Pino (See: ).

You know though, it's those "wanna-bes" that scare me the most. I've found that the most dangerous fools are the ones who have something to prove and have an ego the size of Texas.

Thanks for pointing this one out, Alex. You're right - it's unbelievable.

Marla R. Stevens | March 15, 2007 7:08 PM

The author of the book that Timothy McVeigh got his inspiration from was all about inspiring the lone wolves. It wasn't the dis/unbarred J.D. head of that Illinois-based hate group, Church of the whatever, who went on the murder spree -- it was the social disaster of a young man he inspired. It wasn't Rev. Butler who murdered the Denver DJ, robbed banks, and died in a fiery shootout with the feds on an island in Puget Sound, it was a follower. It wasn't the head of the Mormon Church who killed Matthew Sheppard, it was two nobody church members. It wasn't the head of the KKK in California who went on a rampage at the Jewish pre-school, it was another nobody. It wasn't Lon Mabon who firebombed the gay activists' house in Oregon, killing three, it was another one no one had ever heard of before. It wasn't Lon again who lured the lesbian realtor to a place where he could murder her alone and unseen, it was another nobody he inspired. It wasn't Jerry Falwell or James Dobson or Pat Robertson who ran down a young gay Georgia man then used old tires for a funeral pyre -- possibly while the youth was still alive, it was one who heard them say in so many words that that young man was less than human, thus appropriate to kill. Sadly, I could go on and on but I think you get the drift.