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To Jeff Gannon, XOXO

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Perhaps the reason I can't get emotionally invested in Matt Sanchez is because I'm still not over Jeff Gannon. There's only room in my heart for one socially conservative, semi-closeted, homophobic, gay-sex-worker-turned-Republican-shill. Matt Sanchez may be Jeff Gannon Redux, but Jeff Gannon is the Original Jeff Gannon.

I confess that even two years after Jeff was exposed in the White House Press Corps, I'm still reading his blog. And I'm getting concerned over his posts lately. He usually completely ignores gay issues except to say how much he hates liberals or ditto a GOP politician. That's why I've been surprised to find a steady increase in gay-related posts over the past several weeks. He has called Obama gay, called gays donating campaign money to political hopefuls a "disturbing political strategy", tried to convince everyone that Coulter was just being funny, compared gayness to racism and complained about the "protective media bubble" that surrounds Hillary, implied that Deverly Taylor's DADT rape defense was gay-agenda-style "PC nonsense", made some pretty strange claims about the American Idol situation, and complained that the "Angry Gay Left" will try to get General Pace fired. Considering that his blog is rarely updated, that he even more rarely talks about gay issues, and that he's not really even out, I'm finding this to be simply too much.

I'm wondering what's going on in Jeff's life right now that's making him think so much about the gays. These posts are more than just the rants of a self-loathing gay man; they're cries for help. Could he be going through a tough break-up? Might he have lost some gay friends? Maybe he's waking up to his sexual identity? (There's a chance it's something positive, like he's in love. A strange way of expressing that for a strange strange man.)

Either way, Jeff, just know that I'm here for you, and I'm not about to leave you for another. No matter how flashy the new gay far-right shill is, you'll always be my Jeff Gannon.

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(There's a chance it's something positive, like he's in love. A strange way of expressing that for a strange strange man.)

"Oh man, last night was great, dude. Now come here so I can kick you in the nuts."