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Who's most homophobic?

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Open thread today while I work on some other things...

Who do you think is the most homophobic Hoosier? Who makes our lives the most difficult? Politician, religious leader, average citizen - the floor is open for nominations...

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Well, I'd say Curt Smith is my top dog for most homophobic Hoosier. I have a personal bias against him, mainly to do with a situation between him and my son. Needless to say, he makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! He's one bigoted Hoosier! I vote 100% for Curt!!!!

Personally I'm a big fan of nominating Jeff Drozda - Mr. Gays-Should-Not-Adopt He just disgusts me.

how about my uncle mike. he doesn't make a big fuss about it, but i'm sure he could go toe-to-toe with any of these politicians in hating the gays. he thinks that the only reason we want marriage is so that we can steal insurance money for our partners AIDS.

You know, so many better choices, but I'm going to put Cindy Noe up here until she answers any of my letters. Really. I'll say that the only reason she won't even send a form letter is because she's afraid THE GAY can be caught through letters. Maybe I should send her this:

Dear Cindy,

See what junk I can make up when you don't write me? Check out the 3/5 open thread on bilerico. Seriously.


David Wene | March 5, 2007 10:49 AM

Unfortunately, many times I have to say it is me.

I see it in me when I think someone is too fem, too butch, too straight-acting, or just plain weird.

I see it in me when I allow others to assume I am straight or that my partner is "just my friend".

I see it in me when I do not expect to be treated fairly and honestly by others.

I see it in me when I have not written my elected officials, visited my legislator, attended a rally, etc.

I see it in me when I critize other lgbt people and groups for what they are doing insteading of doing all I can to make sure that I and the groups that I am part of is doing all we can.

I see it in me when my anger against those against the LGBT community is so strong that I cannot treat them the way I believe they should treat me.

Unfortunately, many times, I think it could be me.

I think David summed it up. I was putting myself up for nomination also.

Don Sherfick | March 5, 2007 1:10 PM

Seconds and thirds to David's nominations. As usual, I'm conflicted between the wisdom, utility, and priority of identifying the homophobe of the year versus holding a mirror up to ourselves as the diverse community we are and letting the world know that we are here and that our daily lives are barely indistinguishable from those of most other Hoosiers. Both likely serve valuable purposes, but I suspect that if we rolled up our sleeves more concerning the latter we might not have as much anger (righteous though it may be) to vent with respect to the former. It's all too easy to yell "homophobe" or "bigot" and then thinks that's all there is to being a "gay activist".

Totally see what you mean, David.

It's like that Chris Rock sketch, if any of you are familiar with it, about the two types of Black people. I won't get into it here, but I can see how gays have an "us good gays/lesbians" and "them faggots/dykes" mentality at times. I felt it whenever I watched Queer as Folk (more about the writers, not the characters).

I agree with David too.

We become our own worst enemy when we start thinking and behaving that way about folks in our own community.

I think it would as constructive to identify those who are friendly to us, such as the late Anita Boswer or Dan Zwonitzer of Wyoming.

Wow - David's comment is spectacularly powerful. (I'll be using it tomorrow as the Quote of the Day - with his permission!) Way to go David.

As for Mike's suggestion about identifying those who are most friendly, we'll use that for tomorrow's Open Thread. :)

No Contest | March 5, 2007 10:21 PM

Hands down, day in and day out--Eric Miller. And dangerous, because he's got money and access to hundreds of thousands of email addresses.

Allen J. Lopp | March 6, 2007 12:40 PM

I think the lovely folks who make up the anti-gay protest team from the Old Paths Baptist Church in Campbellsburg have to be mentioned in any discussion of homophobia in Indiana. These "Christians" have traveled the state protesting against gays (and abortion) --- and trying to get sued so that they can get publicity then about that!

They visited Corydon twice, and the second time the town leaders had put out the word that the best thing to do is ignore them. It worked perfectly --- after 90 minutes of being ignored, they got in their buses and left!

If we are talking about the type of homophobia which causes humans to foam at the mouth --- not to be confused with hydrophobia, which is easy to do, because these folks do appear to be rabid --- this group takes the prize.

Steve Buyer hands down. From blaming gays for their HIV status, to trying to reduce HIV funding, to advocacy of mandatory HIV testing years ago, to hyperventilating about gays in the military, to invocations of the divine about the sanctity of marriage, to ranting about the greatness of the Boy Scouts, to protecting military cemeteries from protesters without mentioning that the protesters were gay-bashers, Steve is tops. It's always amusing to hear him say how long he and "Baby Killer" Hershman have been together.
Steve Buyer/ Brandt Hershman--remind you of Joe McCarthy/Roy Cohn?

Well, to remain unphilosophical about it, I vote my state senator, John Waterman.