April 18, 2007

Westboro Baptist "Church" odds and ends

Filed by Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 | 11:45 PM | comments

Well, you've probably heard by now that our good friends at the Phelps Klan have decided to protest the funerals of the Virginia Tech victims. This is one of those, you've gotta be kidding me moments. They have been protesting...Read More

GoDaddy domain search - now with extra fruitiness

Filed by Jerame Davis | April 18, 2007 | 9:50 PM | comments

I have to wonder about the programmers behind the "Smart Search" feature on GoDaddy.com. (GoDaddy is an internet domain name registrar - they sell you domain names, like bilerico.com.) Anyway, I was recently on my account at GoDaddy to transfer...Read More

Day of Silence met with bomb threat

Filed by Bil Browning | April 18, 2007 | 7:16 PM | comments

Today's Day of Silence peaceful protest was met with a bomb threat at New Castle Chrysler High School forcing the school to go on lockdown. Nothing quite like tolerance to bring out the threats of violence, eh? Of particular interest...Read More

One step forward: Two steps back

Filed by Bil Browning | April 18, 2007 | 4:14 PM | comments

Isn't life in Indiana great? You just can't do much but shake your head in disbelief. After all, science is the breeding ground of liberals... Maybe next we'll be able to pass those "No working on the Sabbath" and "Don't...Read More

Cheney impeachment possible?

Filed by Bil Browning | April 18, 2007 | 3:12 PM | comments

The Washington Post's The Sleuth blog is reporting that Rep Dennis Kucinich is planning on filing articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. He sent out a letter yesterday morning to House colleagues to inform them of his intent....Read More

Puerto Rican archbishop OK with domestic partnerships

Filed by Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 | 3:07 PM | comments

From El Nuevo Dia:In an unexpected turn, the archbishop of San Juan, Roberto González Nieves, will appear today for the second time before the commission to revise the Civil Code in order to propose a variation of current marriage, which...Read More

Todd Rokita should not be Secretary of State

Filed by Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 | 2:03 PM | comments

I'm a little behind on things that I've been wanting to post about, and here's one of them. IN Secretary of State Todd Rokita this past Thursday made a comment at a Republican event that raised quite a few Hoosier...Read More

Today is Day of Silence

Filed by Bil Browning | April 18, 2007 | 12:35 PM | comments

Today marks the 11th annual Day of Silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Sponsored by GLSEN, the event has become a tradition with LGBT youth. Founded in 1996, the Day of Silence has become...Read More

Abortion Ban Upheld by the Supreme Court

Filed by Ellen Andersen | April 18, 2007 | 12:03 PM | comments

From the Wall Street Journal: The Supreme Court upheld the federal ban on a disputed abortion procedure, handing abortion opponents the long-awaited victory they expected from a more conservative bench. The 5-4 ruling said the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act...Read More

Wednesday open thread

Filed by Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 | 8:26 AM | comments

What queer political or cultural issue do you think is not getting enough attention by the mainstream or gaystream media or by LGBT advocacy groups?...Read More

It's raining "It's Raining Men"

Filed by Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 | 8:00 AM | comments

In 1982, Paul Shaffer, the bald guy on Letterman, and Paul Jabara, of Hairspray and Jesus Christ Superstar fame, wrote "It's Raining Men" and had it snubbed by some of the biggest names in the biz until The Weather Girls,...Read More


Quote of the day

Filed by Ed Team | April 18, 2007 | 6:18 AM | comments

"Though he's never publicly copped to his orientation, references to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's homosexuality has reached a level of saturation that would make even Clay Aiken squeal: 'Come out, already!'" -- Radar Magazine in "Anderson Cooper's Gay Timeline"...Read More