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Boy butter

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This commercial for personal lubricant will be airing in gay-friendly television markets like New York and Los Angeles, but was rejected in San Francisco as "too controversial." While I'm sure the spoof of the old "You Won't Believe It's Not Butter" commercial would twitterpate the Midwest, I have to ask, "San Francisco? Controversial?"

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I think ti's more of a spoof on the Country Crock commercials...

Are the lubes that men use much different than the ones that heterosexual couples use? I think I need to take straight cultural studies 101.

Allen J. Lopp | April 1, 2007 5:03 PM

Bil and Alex, this one is a no-brainer ...

First, this ad has nothing to do with spoofs ... Absolutely nothing! And it has nothing to do with today being April 1st, either.

This ad was rejected because of the very powerful leather lobby in SF. For decades the leather guys have always preferred Crisco because so many of them are into fisting.

... in that city, Crisco is a veritable undocumented sacrament. We've all been in attendance during a timeless Folsom Street ritual when the high priest in charge intones, "When in 'Frisco it's gotta be Crisco!" ... and, as the priest's hand disappears, in the red-tinted darkness some awe-struck worshipper in the late Saturday night congregation always mutters under his breath, "And if it ain't mixed with spit, it ain't true love!"

I mean, even Hamburger Mary fries her hamburgers in Crisco! Have you ever tasted a hamburger fried in KY Jelly? When the carpet-chested bears south of Market see a competitive lubricant on the horizon, they always get a curly stray pubic hair up their hot, cross buns. How dare anyone challenge our honored traditions! Jim Hormel would disown us all! Such heresy!

Now obviously, some leathermeister had an executive position at the local cable TV station, and this ad didn't have the proverbial snowball's chance on an August afternoon in Bakersfield. Like the guy who has Crazy-Glue'd himself into the backroom sling at the Gold Coast, it will never again see the light of day.

(... and BTW, if you believe this post, I'd like you to contact me because I can get you a really good price on the Bay Bridge --- it just listed with a friend of mine ...)