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Cheney impeachment possible?

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iran_iraq.jpgThe Washington Post's The Sleuth blog is reporting that Rep Dennis Kucinich is planning on filing articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. He sent out a letter yesterday morning to House colleagues to inform them of his intent. While Kucinich originally planned to file this week, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings, he has decided to postpone until at least next week.

I've always admired Kucinich for being an unabashed liberal. He is the only Democratic candidate for President that believes in full marriage equality. He also voted against the war in Iraq and has held both Republican and Democratic politicians up for scrutiny as the war has denigrated into a morass. He's also the only presidential candidate I've ever given money... During the 2004 elections, he was the last Democrat standing against Kerry's candidacy. He officially terminated his campaign at the convention.

Unfortunately, most pundits seem to agree that Kucinich's impeachment plan won't get very far. According to the blog, one Democratic aide commented, "We'll see a Kucinich Administration before we'll see a Cheney impeachment." Personally, I'd take either.

A copy of Kucinich's letter to colleagues is after the fold.

April 17, 2007

Dear Colleague:

This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney. Please have your staff contact my office . . . if you would like to receive a confidential copy of the document prior to its introduction in the House.



Dennis J. Kucinich

Member of Congress

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If it did get anywhere, I've got the feeling that it'd be spun into more Democratic obstructionism against the pristine motives of the Executive Branch. That's if George didn't find some way to use Executive Privilege or the Patriot Act to shut down the proceedings

Cheney is an outrage, and the real power behind the throne. Condoleeza Rice is an unindicted co-conspirator, lending a fem (softer?) side to this outrageous foreign policy, for which we'll pay huge costs for decades.

On my refrigerator, a magnet, with DC's picture, which says: "F--- Cheney. And the stupid one, too."

But all that pales when I just turned on the news and saw the VaTech killer's sick and twisted pix and video he sent to NBC.

If our country doesn't get on the stick and reform health care, and give mental health a serious boost, we will see more VaTechs.

So very, very sad.

You may be right, Mike. I think that's what Pelosi is afraid of and why she's ignored the many, many calls from the left to seek impeachment of Bush and his cabal. Now if someone would just give one of them a blowjob...