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Day of Silence met with bomb threat

Filed By Bil Browning | April 18, 2007 7:16 PM | comments

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Today's Day of Silence peaceful protest was met with a bomb threat at New Castle Chrysler High School forcing the school to go on lockdown. Nothing quite like tolerance to bring out the threats of violence, eh?

Of particular interest is the protest scheduled for tomorrow. Called "Day of Truth," it calls for students to wear "positive" messages about the dangers of homosexuality and pass out Christian literature in public schools. So mixing religion with public schooling notwithstanding, isn't it ironic that they need to have an intolerance protest the next day? Didn't that happen today?

Note the sponsoring organization though. Remember them? They're the outfit from Arizona that flew in an attorney to testify on behalf of SJR-7. Because, you know, they're just impartial lawyers. No axe to grind...

In response, other students are planning to observe a "Day of Truth" on Thursday, said sophomore Kristen Schmeisser.

That also coincides with a national observance, this one planned by the Alliance Defense Fund. Its day is devoted to countering the "homosexual agenda" and presenting an "opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective," according to the fund's Web site.

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I do not understand how "Day of Truth" can happen in a public school? Passing out christian literature violates the law doesn't it? I long for days past when to push their agenda, the christo-fascists had to drag the kids out to a cold trailer off school property!

As long as the materials are passed out by students with no official endorsement by the school, it passes establishment clause muster.

On a happier note, a bunch of kids were out at a major intersection in Tucson yesterday afternoon, wearing red bandages over their mouths and carrying Day of Silence signs. My very scientific observations (the 30 seconds it took me to get through the intersection) were that they were getting a positive reception. Nobody was bleeding, anyway.

"So mixing religion with public schooling notwithstanding"

So, you're saying a student leaves his First Amendment rights at the door when he enters the public school? How is a student expressing his opinion "mixing religion with public schooling"?

Greg, I long for the days when the Supreme Court understood what the founders meant in the First Amendment, and when prayer and the Bible were allowed in school.

Just so I can make sure I abide by the rules, can you define homophobic for me? Personally, I think it is a made up word, but I have heard it applied to everything from someone who hates homosexuals to someone who just thinks homosexuality is wrong.