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The East Allen County school district is up to their games again. This time they're portraying themselves as victims.

Several months ago, after a column that said that it's OK to be gay and that beating up queers was bad was written by a junior in that district, the principal took away the newspaper's ability to print without him reading each issue first and chastised the faculty adviser for not asking his approval to print the article first. Well, principal Ed Yoder took days to scan the paper for such "controversial" content, and the paper was canceled because all the stories were old. Newspaper advisor Amy Sorrell was almost fired, but they instead transferred her to another school in the district.


But check how superintendent Kay Novotny is spinning the event after the jump.

EACS senior administrators have been able to set aside their frustrations with the spin applied to this situation to give Amy Sorrell a second chance to prove, despite her relative youth and obvious inexperience, that she can make as great a positive mark on EACS education as the administrators whose reputations her comments and actions have helped tarnish.
Yep. They're the victims here.

In a completely classless move, they made Sorrell apologize for the media coverage of the event in order to keep her job. She also can't sue the school because her family needs the money from that job (no one becomes a school teacher for the Benjamins, but they still gotta eat). And the district is calling themselves compassionate.

Yeah, apparently forcing someone to apologize for a large and powerful institution being filled with homophobic, idiotic douchebags being thought of as filled with homophobic, idiotic douchebags in exchange for her family's ability to eat is what passes for compassionate nowadays. Even though she didn't have any control over the way the media covered the event nor does she have control over what people think of the district.

So, here are the lessons for the kids from this event:

  1. Never take responsibility for your own actions.
  2. Don't do your work on time. Others will accomodate you.
  3. Some people will move hell and earth to punish anyone who even tangentially supports gay people.
Check out the entire article to see how creepily the administration is covering for one another here.

Bonus:You can read more from Novotny here. She compares the idea that it's OK to be gay to teaching that Benedict Arnold wasn't a traitor. See? It's not homophobia; it's accepted fact. Maybe Paul Cameron could get a job teaching social science there....

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That's just disgusting. After reading those articles, I'm even more pissed off!

Lynn David | May 1, 2007 3:47 AM

Sorrell's father, Neil Ternet, also attended Friday's news conference and said he is proud of his daughter. "I think Amy's right. I don't think she did anything wrong," he said. He didn't accept the administration's assertion that they are victims or compassionate. "You can put a dress on a pig, but it's still a pig," Ternet said.

Way to go dad!