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A couple of announcements before everyone takes off for the weekend about some changes you'll see here at next week.

1) We're going to stop posting a daily political cartoon from the major syndicates. There have been a few concerns about copyright laws and we've never gotten a clear answer. As the site has grown larger though and we've started accepting advertising, we want to make sure we're on the right side of the law, so we're being proactive.

Now if you've been hanging out here very long at all, you'll know I love toons with a passion. So you know what that means, right? We need our own cartoonist!

2) We have a new member of the bilerico family! Allow me to introduce Storm Bear. (Yes, that's his name not an internet moniker. We're all proud of our work on bilerico and stand behind what we post.) While Storm was going be our "straight man" niche contributor, I've had to reconsider after some items came to light...

Storm Bear claims to be a flaming heterosexual but we all know better. Bilerico's crack investigative team has learned some interesting facts about this North Carolina native. He kissed his first guy at the tender age of 28 and we have ascertained the guy in question had a very hairy back. Typical Bear-On-Bear action. We await further evidence on whether there was any tongue.

Storm also lived for a short time with another man (he sure does get around) who we will call "Mr. B." Mr. B, it turns out is a gay man living large in the Castro district of San Francisco. Ironically, Storm seems to have kept a house in the Castro. Coincidence? To this day Storm claims this is his best friend. There is a Brokeback Mountain joke in there somewhere, but we couldn't find one tasteful enough to print here.

And finally his name "Storm Bear." Hello? B-E-A-R! Come on, that is just so Gay.

In 2004, with all the bed-hopping, Storm found the time to create the daily political cartoon, Town Called Dobson.

His original strip will be running here on replacing the syndicated cartoon you can get everywhere else. Over on his own site, you can read the full post each day, but we'll just be publishing the strip over here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the strip as much as I do. Storm is a welcome addition to the "family" of contributors, so please make him feel comfortable!

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A. J. Lopp | April 27, 2007 4:11 PM

There is a Brokeback Mountain joke in there somewhere, but we couldn't find one tasteful enough to print here.

Yes, after you used the phrase "Bilerico's crack investigative team" ... well, I couldn't find a joke tasteful enough to print, either.