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  • GOP Gov. Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky says he'll call a special session of the General Assembly to prevent two state universities from giving DP benefits. He thinks they violate the state's anti-marriage amendment. (Lexington Herald-Tribune)
  • Barbara Walters will host special on transgender children Friday night on 20/20. (The Advocate)
  • Sanjaya says he's straight, and pretty damn good at it too. (People)
  • Premier Steve Bracks says his government will create a DP registry in the Australian state of Victoria by the end of the year. (Melbourne Herald-Sun)
  • Rumors of former British PM Sir Edward Heath's sexuality and indicretions have surfaced. Others say that he wasn't gay, just celibate. (London Times)
  • The three defendants in the alleged hate murder of Michael Sandy, a Brooklyn gay man, point fingers at each other in court. They say they picked him as a victim because they thought "gay men were weak and afraid." (NY Times)
  • The Pentagon says it will stop TALON, its controversial program that monitored peaceful domestic anti-war and pro-gay groups. (Washington Post)
  • Seattle Pride might not happen this year because of $102,000 of debt from last year's Pride. (Seattle Times)
  • A pro-gay text from 1749 was just uncovered that the University of Manchester. (BBC News)
  • NJ ex-Gov. James McGreevey says his wife knew he was boi crazy before they got married. (NY Post)
  • The first trans students to run for prom royalty lost. (Monterey Herald)
  • Poland's conserative PM raised EU-Poland tensions by speaking against "homosexual propaganda" to recruit the youth. (International Herald-Tribune)
  • An Arkansas man says his two teenage sons "had many sleepless nights" after being so traumatized by finding The Whole Lesbian Sex Book in the local library, and he wants $20,000 now. Yep, I'm sure that's why those boys lost sleep over that book. (KOCO)

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