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In the great state of Oregon, a state rep. denounced that state's attempt to pass civil rights legislation this year as the equivalent of the Virginia Tech shooting. From Loaded Orygun:

A Tragic Week in Review
This past week has been like no other. On Monday the world witnessed the tragedy at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. On Tuesday Oregon witnessed the passage of Domestic Benefits for same-sex couples (HB 2007) and Civil Rights based on sexual orientation.
Because they're so similar, of course. People being able to go to hotels and keep their jobs is the moral equivalent of 33 people dying.

Seriously, do these nutjobs think before they speak at all?

This is all coming from a long line of social conservatives using the Virginia Tech shooting for political fodder. The AFA in video format, Newt Gingrich on This Week, the Phelps Klan, Chuck Norris , and several others stepped into the fray to promote the same agenda by saying the shooting was caused by the separation of church and state and sexual immorality. Are they implying that Cho decided to kill others because he was gay? A slut? Needed to read the Bible more?

I'm overanalyzing what people who don't care about others are saying. All they care about is using some of the greatest tragedies to push their political agendas, even if they're completely unrelated to the events at hand.

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How ridiculous would the opposite argument, that these killings were the result of a vengeful God punishing us for not treating all citizens fairly, sound? Who would even dare make such a ridiculous statement? But, logically, that makes about as much sense as their argument.