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Get out more, Roseanne

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Bil beat me to posting Roseanne's comments, but I have to add something, and that something is:

No, Roseanne, you're flat wrong.

Just speaking about blogs here, since that's what's easily accessible, most of my politically active queer friends care about a lot of other issues. Like my friend Kevin blogs about religion but often posts on consumerism and materialism as well. My friend Serena just started a feminist blog this weekend, and she's been involved with anarchist, hunger, and animal rights issues for years.

As for more famous bloggers, John Aravosis posts mostly about national politics. Andrew Sullivan does as well. Jasmyne Cannick often posts on African American issues, and Pam Spaulding's blog is filled with posts about the religious right and the Bush administration.

Even I have posted here about materialism and Iraq recently. And a lot of us post often on feminist/women's issues. And that's on a blog that says it's explicitly about LGBTQ issues. Last week I started another blogging project, which I haven't been giving the attention it needs, Street Economics, to be entirely about business and economics. (Not to say that Iraq, feminism, economics, or materialism aren't LGBTQ issues, just that they're outside of the scope of what Roseanne has not heard a single gay man or lesbian talk about in 54 years.)

But it wouldn't matter if every queer identified person got up tomorrow and decided not to care about queer issues and only focus on the environment. It wouldn't matter if we all decided on one day to give away all our money to feed starving orphans. It wouldn't matter if every LGBTQ person in the country quit his/her/hir job to build low-cost housing for migrant workers. We'd still be labeled as narcissistic because stereotypes don't get their power from the truth; they get their power from repetition and the fact that people want to believe them.

And that's why they don't make any sense when put together. There's another stereotype of politically active gays and lesbians that the religious right often uses when they don't want to acknowledge the fact that they're hurting real people. They say that queer people don't care about gay rights at all, that they just want to turn society's mores upside-down. Now put that together with Roseanne's "Gays and lesbians only care about themselves", and... yup! It's kind of like how the crazy right portrays lesbians as both sexually promiscuous and, well, they'd be straight if they could just open up to men a little. It's kind of like how they say that gay men are gay because we really don't like children and only focus on ourselves, but then don't let them become teachers because they like like children, if you know what I'm saying.

But I'll grant her that LGBTQ people often care about issues that affect them personally, in much the same way that Republicans are more likely to want millionaires to avoid taxes. But then she should also be dismayed at all those Iraqis who demonstrated in Najaf today against the American occupation of their country. Gosh, what a bunch of narcissists. Why aren't they protesting the low minimum wage in the US? Everything's always Iraq, Iraq, Iraq with them.

Roseanne joined the chorus calling us narcissists that includes such illustrious figures as Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, and Paul Cameron. I don't mean to be Captain Obvious here, but who's the one who really sounds like the religious right?

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