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[ED NOTE:] Carey Hamilton is a candidate for the 4th District Indianapolis City-County Council seat. Jerame and I lived in the district when we rented our apartment. During the HRO effort, we were represented by Scott Schneider, one of the council's most far right members who didn't care about the district's LGBT citizens. Thankfully, Carey does and I urge everyone to look at her campaign closely. She'll obviously need some extra cash and volunteers to be successful.

Letter to the readers of from Carey Hamilton, City-County Council Candidate:

carey_sm.jpgI am running for the City-County Council District 4 seat on Indianapolis' northeast side in order to ensure that our neighborhoods remain safe, healthy and strong. My district is bound roughly by 38th St to the south, 96th to the north, Keystone to the west and Emerson to the east. It encompasses a diverse array of people and communities.

I embrace equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation. I am proud to live in a city that has a human rights ordinance and a state that rejected SJR 7. Unfortunately, those decisions were not unanimous, or even close to being so. I hope to add a voice and a vote for equality to the City-County Council so that the outcome of any future such decisions will be less tenuous.

On that note, congratulations to all who stood up and said Hoosiers aren't about to write inequality and intolerance into our state's Constitution.

Standing up for equality and against intolerance is the beginning, the bare minimum, of what we owe ourselves and future Hoosiers. We must do more. We must work together to keep our neighborhoods safe, healthy and strong. Our safety depends on decreasing crime, and that's why I support the Mayor's crime plan to put 137 new police officers on the street by the end of 2008 and to proactively address root causes through intensive work with ex-offenders and at-risk youth. Our health depends on improved air and water quality. Strong neighborhoods demand constant attention to infrastructure and economic development. I look forward to bringing my professional experience in and outside of government developing solutions to environmental challenges and promoting smart economic growth to the Council. After decades of talk and study the time is right for a vastly improved mass transit system, more and better connected trails and sidewalks and sustainable redevelopment in our communities.

Please visit my website and feel free to email me if you have any questions. Finally, a big thank you to Bil for the opportunity to "Guest Blog" on this informative, thoughtful and important site for our City!

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Thanks Carey! I'm glad you're running. Its too bad Mr. Schneider decided to step down, it would have been a pleasure to watch you defeat him.

You know, I told Jerame during the HRO battle that no matter who the democrat was that ran against Schneider, I'd support them any way I could. It just makes me feel even better to know that he's resigning and I can pick my candidate to support. :)

louise arnold | April 9, 2007 9:41 PM

It's great for the Democrates!
There are two choices for Democaratic City-County Council. Pam Hickman is also a candidate. She has a long history of supporting the community.

Her vast experience in Communtiy Boards will be invaluable when reviewing bills that the Council takes up. When it comes to studying a Bill, project or any change to our community, a person with such a long history of coummity service will become so important to any outcome.

She is a small business owner and lives in District 4. She cares what happens to the whole district not just a few areas. Police and fire protection are important to all the citizens not just a few.

Pam's vast experience in multiple areas will benifit District 4 in a way it has not be represented for a long time.

Vote on Primary Day May 8th and check box 21B.

Pshaw, Louise. It's a sign of desperation when you have to come pimp your candidate on a thread about the opponent. If you need publicity, I'd suggest you take a page from Carey's book and start working sources.

To bad for you Bill. Pam is a great Candidate and will represent District 4 in a manner it is not accustom to but deserves. Have not read "Carey's book" and do not intent too. Carey is staying positive what makes you so hostile.
Could it be something else? Oh, and what thread are you referring? The thread of a lack of experience?

Louise A.

Well, that was pretty tacky Louise. After reading that, I'm even more glad that Cary is running.

I agree. It's great to have a candidate like Carey on the ballot. She has some great ideas to move our city forward. I can't understand why her opponent continues to trash her. I like Carey's positive, issue-oriented campaign.

I suspect it's not Louis Arnold, but Jim Arnold who's taking the cheap shots at Carey.

jim arnold | April 12, 2007 7:58 PM

Joe, you just gave to only cheap shot here. Pam is running a full blast campaign and i guess some supporters are worried. And rightfully so. Oh, Joe, when I give a shot it will not be cheap. Hers one. Recycle Grant. Ask Lori.

Actually no relation to either.
Sorry for your jump to conclusion illness.
I am also glad Carey is running. It gives District 4 a choice. Oh, is that something were not use to. What happen to a democratic process and society?

Still can't understand what your anger is about.

Louise A.