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Homobigots target big business

Filed By Bil Browning | April 12, 2007 10:47 AM | comments

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Indianapolis Star business reporter John Katzenberger has an extremely interesting article out today about some Republican push-back over SJR-7. It seems that Senator Brandt Hershman and Representative Eric Turner have written "a curious letter" to those Fortune 500 companies that came out against the proposed constitutional amendment.

"Knowing that you would not wish to sully (your company's) good name on the basis of incomplete or conjectural information," they write, "we appreciate your prompt attention to this matter."
The April 2 letter also insinuates the companies weren't acting in good faith.

"Please forward to us the resolution adopted by the board of directors of your publicly traded company approving this as the official policy," one letter read, "or indicate which sector of corporate management authorized this position."

The next sentence implies a conspiracy. "As it seems the same language has appeared in letters from more than one company, please advise us of what groups may have requested you to make a public statement and what draft language may have been provided to you."

I'm absolutely amazed at the vehemence displayed by Turner and Hershman. Okay, maybe not Hershman. We already know that his eyes mist red whenever someone brings up the topic of LGBT Hoosiers. Hell, he probably has to be restrained each time a rerun of Queer Eye comes on the ole boob tube... (Cuz, you know, Carson Kressley is going to pop out of the box and demand Hershman trim his ear hair or something...)

But for the Republicans to turn against business - isn't that against the super secret Republican agenda? That's some hate in your hearts, ladies and gents. That's biting the hand that feeds you. That's, well, stupidity and arrogance.

I wouldn't expect any donations to your re-election campaigns, gentleman. Here's hoping all of the companies make sizable donations to their opponent's campaigns. That would be the best way possible to kneecap the fundie agenda - which is clearly not in the best interests of the business community. After all, corporations don't usually thrive in a theocracy.

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I understand that all the companies who received the letters are busy crafting their responses. I can't wait to read them. No doubt that Cummins, Lilly and Emmis will very politely, reasonably and irrefutably hand those buffoons Hershman and Turner their asses on a plate.

Turnabout's fair play though. Someone in a position of authority should write the same sort of letter to the dynamic duo inquiring who enticed them to introduce such a flawed resolution in the first place as well as provide justification for the abominable second paragraph that they and their out of state minions insist is no big deal even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in states that have approved similar amendments.

I don't think either of them would be as forthcoming with their answers as they expect the three businesses to be.

Zach Adamson | April 12, 2007 4:57 PM

Let' em ask all the questions they want. If I were one of their CEO's Id write back respectfully to see the ID numbers on the stock that they own. If they dont own any, Id remind them they dont have to answer to the legislators, they answer to stock holders.. And if they want answers they'll have to buy some stock and show up at the stockholders annual meeting.. get something on their agenda and then do it in the proper forum. Contrary to the wishes of those nut jobs, this isnt Nazi Germany. Their gestapo questioning will get them no where.

Well said Zach. They have no obligation to answer to anyone but their shareholders in this matter. However, I think their decision to respond is the right thing to do.

It robs the the opposition of a talking point (that they've been unduly influenced by some pro-gay cabal) and also might give encouragement to other companies and organizations that are on the fence. I've gotta think that the five companies who spoke against passage of the amendment are just the tip of the iceberg and their actions now could play a decisive role in how this all plays out.

The Republican Party has shown itself endlessly willing to throw one constituency under the bus in order to placate another.

These guys have a lot of nerve sniffing around these companies like a couple of nazis "ve vant ze information now!" We should all contact these companies and thank them for their level-headed

I suggest that we ask PrincetonOne, the new staffing firm coming to Indy, what their opinion on SJR-7 is. It should be interesting to hear what opinion a $2 million handout from the Indiana State coffers should buy.