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Jesus needs your help

Filed By Bil Browning | April 26, 2007 7:35 PM | comments

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Just in from Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, the mastermind behind the pro-gay billboards in Indianapolis that has everyone talking:

We need everyone who can to take a few moments today or tomorrow to send a brief email of support to Clear Channel -- our billboard company. Clear Channel is getting inundated with complaints from the religious right. We need to show them that there is strong support.

Fill out the information requested there, and type a brief message in the box provided. Express your thanks to Clear Channel for running the billboards in Indianapolis that present an alternative view of what the Bible says about homosexuality. Thank them for their commitment to open public dialogue and freedom of speech.

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I am a Clear Channel stockholder. I want them to make money, so I make money. I don't want them doing it distastefully, nor do I want them violating anyone's First Amendment rights, as long as the customers pay for the tasteful signage.

That was done here. Whether CC or I disagree with the message is irrelevant. I wish they'd stop putting Kool and Malt Liquor billboards in predominantly black nrighborhoods, but it's profitable, and not illegal.

Corporations don't have souls. Micah, Eric, Curt, et al should preach more of Jesus's teachings to their flock, some of whom clearly have resorted to vandlism.

Zach Adamson | April 26, 2007 11:10 PM

One thing CC needs to remember that while indeed they are a for profit company, they are still a kind of media outlet. It really should be neutral. Over the last few years, on E Washington St and several other places around town, CC had put up some very disturbing boards by Jack Reynolds that said, Avoid Hell, Repent today Trust Jesus. Why is it that when a massage of hope, peace, compassion, inclusion, love, non judgment (you know.. that Christian stuff) goes up these so called Christians have a fit..but let one of their own put up a board all over town that speaks of Hell, and damnation, and judgment and no one bats an eye..

Zach Adamson | April 27, 2007 9:52 AM

I also might add that if you want to help even more, copy and past whats in the above box in to an email and send it out to every fair minded person you know. I have had 4 people respond back that they emailed CC and thanked them, and all four were "Ro's" (or non gay for those who missed the lively chat from the fruity discussion. )

Jack Reynolds | October 4, 2010 9:27 PM

Zach, I am the Jack Reynolds who puts up those billboards you mentioned.

You should know that I have nothing against gay people. For example, my last political campaign to get the gospel out by running for office was a congressional race in 2002 in Indianapolis.

A gay organization called "Justice" or something like that sent me a questionnaire with perhaps ten questions regarding should a gay be allowed to visit his partner in the hosptial, etc. I answered those in a way that if my answers were rated, I would have received a 100% rating.

I do not think gay marriage was one of those questions, but I have nothing against that and find it absurd for some ministers to say it "will destroy marriage."

Well, those so-called evangelical pastors have been the ones that have done much to destroy marriage by approving divorce and re-marriage within their congregations.

The sin of homosexuality is fornication, which is the same as it is for hetersexuals, i.e. having sex outside of marriage.

Finally, I have never belonged to a church, nor have I ever attended church except for my wife's funeral. We were married in the basement of a street preacher's home years ago. I will be 62 in a few days and Lord Willing, will continue to preach Repentance and Trusting Jesus with a sincer heart.