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Matt Drudge, Media Matters, and hyper-reality, oh my!

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Our fave gay Republican (well, second to Jeff Gannon, of course) just got caught telling a little fib. Media Matters caught one of the gossip-monger's headlines, "SOROS OPERATION TAKES CREDIT FOR IMUS TAKE-DOWN...". That organization is Media Matters itself, which they point out:

In fact, Media Matters has never received funding from progressive philanthropist George Soros.
Needless to say, this is a triumph of narrative over fact. Republicans for some reason think that the entire left two-thirds of the country is being directly funded by George Soros. Well, I'm still waiting for my check, and apparently so is Media Matters.

But what gets me is the ease with which Matt Drudge lies (you can check out his 41 entries at Media Matters). It must have something to do with the life of a closet case. I would imagine that older closet cases like Drudge get used to constructing a hyper-reality, a veneer of heterosexuality, if you will, that it's hard to turn off. Consider this interview with David Brock via BlogActive:

"So are you a gay right-wing Republican?" I ask.

"No, I'm not gay. I was nearly married a few years ago. And no, I'm not a right-wing Republican," he replies without batting an eye.

I'm sure that most of us people who identify as queer step into the closet every now and then just because correcting every little instance of presumed heterosexuality can be rather cumbersome. But if that tiny fantastic instant became your home, wouldn't you lose your ability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy?

It's like that famous Bertrand Russell story:

Bertrand Russell, in a lecture on logic, mentioned that in the sense of material implication, a false proposition implies any proposition. A student raised his hand and said "In that case, given that 1 = 0, prove that you are the Pope". Russell immediately replied, "Add 1 to both sides of the equation: then we have 2 = 1. The set containing just me and the Pope has 2 members. But 2 = 1, so it has only 1 member; therefore, I am the Pope."
So, given that Matt Drudge is completely heterosexual, prove that George Soros funds Media Matters.

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OK, I was with you until math entered the equation. You know queers aren't good with math.

Maybe this means that Matt Drudge is the alter-ego of George Soros.... nah, that wouldn't work..... nevermind!

How is it then that this queer has a mathematics degree? Heck, I know others who have them too.... must be that aura of heterosexuality we surround ourselves with sometimes....