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Dark Alley relases its new s/m porn film today called Gaytanamo, in which "A German tourist is mistaken for a terrorist and abducted to the sexiest secret miitary prison ever." Click here for the 100% NSFW preview.

Director Owen Hawk said about the title:

Our use of this title does not, as many have jumped to the conclusion, suggest ignorance, lack of humanity, or any other stereotype which people are fond of applying to the category of pornographer. In fact, it represents a very conscious and deliberate attempt to suggest the interplay of culture, politics, sexuality, and representation in a work that has found meaning in an area where erotic film has not previously found relevance.
He also said in another statement:
I was instantly attracted to his model application where he stated he was only into [fisting] and assplay. A lot of companies would have turned up their nose at that and said 'No thanks,' but for us that was a perfect thing.
That's sticking it to the man, Owen!

I was going to write something about this but I can't stop giggling. So I turn it over to you - what do you all think of this?

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For those of you who are into that kind of prison scene: There's actually a fully-equiped former East-German prison in Grossenhain, which is rented out for regular gay (and hetero) "Prison Camps" ...

Jen Jorczak | April 5, 2007 9:04 AM

wow. now I really can't stop giggling.

Human sexuality encompasses so much weirdness (and let's face it, whatever turns you on--or turns me on, or turns whoever on--is gonna be considered weird by somebody, and vice-versa) that it's unbelievable to me that anybody feels they have the authority (or the need) to judge anybody else--but I'm sure this film (and its makers) will not go uncondemned.

sigh. If only everybody would just giggle, and not feel the need to respond otherwise.

That's what I'm thinking, Jen. I was writing about how this might be good for the movement to shut deown Guantanamo (just a little bit) because it uncritically presents the prison camp there as a place of torture and inhumanity, which helps to centralize and normalize that message, but I was like, I'm talking about a porno called Gaytanamo, and I just stopped there. Some people are pretty offended, though, thinking this trivializes that suffering.

Actually, I'd probably be one of those people, Alex. I think this is the first time I'll disagree with Jen... :)

I think it's tasteless (not that most porn is done in a "tasteful" - pardon the pun - way, but this is like the joke a comedian does about someone who's just died and then says "What?!? Too soon!?!?" Yes, it's too soon.

There are quite a few people that are stuck in Guantanamo without hope of legal protection or any end in sight. They are being forced through various torture techniques - and it's not for their kinks. They have no choice but to undergo these humiliating and psychologically dangerous situations. While this might be getting some of the soldiers off late at night in the barracks, I don't think the prisoners are grooving on it.

If I were stuck in a situation like that, I'd be really pissed off to find out that others were making snuff films about what's happening to me so that some guy with more freedom and money than I have can beat his meat. I'd much rather he give the money he paid for the film to my legal defense to spring my ass out of that hell hole.

OMG - I think this is actually some high quality porn! The score on the trailor was incredible and the fact that there is plot and subplot going on . . . genious! I heart porn as a general point, but this is just phenominal!

That's what I'm thinking, S. It retails at $69.95, so it's prolly pretty well produced. Of course, that's way out of the price range of a kid raised on the internet....

Jen Jorczak | April 5, 2007 6:13 PM

To Bil, and everybody: first, let me say I'd be the first one to shut down Guantanamo, the Iraq war, and the Bush administration entirely.

But we're talking about a porn here. When I read the first sentence of Alex's post this morning, I was a bit appalled at the tackiness. But then I remembered: I'm usually appalled at the tackiness of porn. And how can you not laugh at the director taking himself so seriously? I mean, it's PORN.

This director's comment's aside, no one ever accused the porn industry of political savviness or tact. But then, no one's ever asked them to. I mean, IT'S PORN!!

And now I'm giggling again.

Let me be clear: I don't expect tasteful porn. I know it's tacky by nature. But while this is still happening to (sometimes) innocent people, it's just too damn soon. Spanish Inquisition? Fine. Guantanamo? Too soon.