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May I ask a question about the after effects of gender reassignment surgery? Post surgery, male to female, is it possible for a person to have an orgasm?

Obviously a question of this nature is best directed to a surgeon who specializes in the art and skill of gender reassignment surgery (GRS). However, on an anecdotal note, I have had several clients who have now pursued GRS and the reports I have received from them are mixed. I have had some clients report improved orgasms, with even greater sensitity and intesity of orgasm, while I have heard others report some, or all, loss of sensation. There are several variables that affect this, including scar tissue, and nerve damage and placement. Most of the people with whom I have worked, however, are so uncomfortable with their gender that the possibility of not having future orgasms is worth the risk so that they can live the life more congruently, more true to their true gender.

Michele O'Mara, LCSW
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Hallo dear friends.i am an italian transgender,i live my condition in a terrible way here in roma,cause i have study all life to reach my own targets in a doing a regular work in cine e tv broad cast,in many ways ,not as a freak but as a normat job behind the cameras..now for my esistential choise i was boicot by tv national establishment,so no more works for me.now the risk is to finish life in the midle of a street,that is pity for me,because i did want not do sexwork,i am afraid!the rights for transex in italy does not exist,i want to becone totally woman,but if i have not money,to take off my face hair,for terapy and much more..how i can do?neither possibility to live in the dignity of a human being..i feel depress,i heard that surgery distroy completely the nerves,so never more sensibility,and problem with urinary apparat..ufficially in italy if you go to the hospital nobody give you right answer..You could immagine how i feel my dad was an high level friend of unite states,you can help me?many reguards'

Wilson46201 | April 25, 2007 3:42 PM

There are orgasms and there are orgasms -- I'm a "versatile" gay male (no surgery). I often 'get off' while bottoming - it doesnt involve my penile stimulation. True, most of my orgasms involve penile stimulation but I suppose if I didnt have "it", I'd still get off while being pleasured with other parts of my nervous system.

I suspect there are immense psychological factors involved in post-op surgery and orgasms which are over-riding the nervous system. Physiologically, a DNA-male doesnt need a dick to get off!