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Puerto Rican archbishop OK with domestic partnerships

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 18, 2007 3:07 PM | comments

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From El Nuevo Dia:

In an unexpected turn, the archbishop of San Juan, Roberto González Nieves, will appear today for the second time before the commission to revise the Civil Code in order to propose a variation of current marriage, which he called "domestic unions".

A "domestic union", according to González Nieves, is made up of two or more people living under the same roof and who share a pact of rights and responsibilities derived from a common life or express pact. [bad translation mine]

That's pretty hardcore there to have a Catholic archbishop speak in favor of anything even resembling equal rights for queers. Just wait for the Pope to shut this sh*t down. I mean, he was in charge of the Office of the Inquisition before he became Pope and was made a name for himself by cracking down on liberation theology.

Also, One of the men who testified before the Commission appeared with his partner. They held hands throughout his testimony and kissed right before it. (The Task Force has his testimony in English here and coverage of that speech in English here, both in pdf.)

More coverage and a timeline of the current build-up towards domestic partnerships, check out Blabbeando.

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I imagine the Archbishop is testifying in favor of this in recognition of the island's economic realities rather than a deeply held desire for gay rights, but I agree that the Pope is going to deliver a smackdown to him. The only questions are when and how hard it'll be.