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Qomics for Queers will never let go of the dream

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Hey everyone! I've set up another blog to be the archives for Qomics for Queers and to be a site to keep me from procrastinating writing this post until the end of the week. I'll update it throughout the week less than daily and then take all those posts into one big Sunday digest. Breaking it up into smaller pieces will keep me on top of things a bit more. Not to be self-congratulatory, but this post takes time. If you're bored, then head on over there to read the old Qomics for Queers.

This week we have more on the never-ending Beetle Bailey and Sergeant Snorkel love saga and a Family Circus Robert Goss rewrite.

First, Tuesday's Beetle Bailey:


Beetle continues his conversation with Chaplain Staneglass from last week. Apparently, he's rather antsy to get out.

And who can really say that they don't feel for him? Passing this way, when it's the closet we're talking about, but once is enough. And Beetle's over-joyed in panel two, The view zooms out to include random other characters floating around in the white abyss that is Camp Swampy, and we see that he gets the attention of General Halftrack, but Sarge's deadened ennui shows how common this really is. Yeah, he thinks, like Beetle's excited to "pass here only once". If he really were, we'd already have that little apartment in the Castro like he always talks about, far away from here. But I'm not holding my breath.

But check out this Sunday's middle three panels:

beetle bailey middle 3.GIF

No, Beetle, that's not how he dreams of seeing you....

But seriously, that same dead-inside expression from Sarge. I may still be dreaming of the big Beetle Bailey coming out special, but I think Sarge is giving up on the dream. Hang in there, big guy!

And your Family Circus Robert Goss re-write:

family circus goss.jpg

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