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luann powers.JPGWhat a week's it's been! I'm beginning to feel a lot like Luann Powers, more and more work, less and less time, and the ghost of a tonalist artist floating around me forcing me to paint.

Well, all except for that last one.

But if you're taking a break from hunting for Easter eggs and eating yourself sick with chocolate bunnies, then join me after the jump for Snuffy Smith, The Family Circus, Rex Morgan, M.D., Gil Thorp, and your Family Circus Audre Lorde rewrite.

Let's start with this Friday's Snuffy Smith:


I can't get over just how sad Jughaid looks in panel two. This is a break from Snuffy Smith convention, specifically the one where all the characters have to laugh in the final panel. Here are a few examples:

I, of course, think that this is just jealousy. Those are some pretty schnazzy shoes!

Especially considering Tuesday's:


Consider that frilly pink apron. Something tells me that Maw didn't make Jughaid put it on. I mean, why would she when he's just peeling potatoes? That's a whole lot cleaner than all of the other shenanigans Jughaid gets into. I'm sure he put it on because he likes it, and I say more power to him. Seriously.

But what gets me is the fact that Jughaid puts himself in Beetle's position in his fantasy. Coincidence or shout-out to the funny page's gayest couple? You decide.

Tuesday's Family Circus:


Left to his own devices, Jeffy's turned into a rage-filled zombie out to kill Thelma!

The next line was Jeffy's response, which I'm sure was something along the lines of "No, I won't hit anything with it, Daddy. There isn't a thing in this house that I want to hit."

This Saturday's Rex Morgan, M.D.:


"That will buy us the time we need! Rex is dumb as a brick and can't handle that whole press harder on the gas to go faster thing, so he drives at 10 miles an hour everywhere he goes! He'll probably get lost, too, on the way to his own home! Ingenious plan putting your husband's stupidity to work for us, June's talking breast!"

Well, the other way to interpret the final panel is that everyone assumes Hugh and Rex will find another way to pass the time on the way back from the airport....

We continue in the Tyler Jay drama from last week with this Thursday's Gil Thorp:


Here we see Tyler Jay at the only three angles that Frank McLaughlin can draw: the Zordon floating head in panel one, suave Superman close-up in panel two, and 11-year-old neighbor boy in panel three.

Tyler says he's cured, but enquiring minds need to know: from what??? Last week he came out, so to speak, and now he's been thrown into therapy. He pronounces himself instantly cured and repeats it over and over for community approval. Now he needs to play some sports and continue visiting a therapist to cure him of a "problem" that the week before he was proud of.

That's right, folks, Tyler Jay is being allegorically ex-gayed. The parallels are astounding.

Or, this whole strip might be working on a metaphysical plane way above my head. "You've barely started, Tyler Jay, transcending space-time to become one with the baseball. You bashed open your head, and now you must drink this tea to begin your spirit-journey."

Hold up, what is Tyler doing at coach Thorp's house?

And your Family Circus rewrite:


Bored? Check out the Qomics for Queers blog and archives.

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OMG - Alex! This is so funny I almost peed myself laffing so hard!