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How has your sexuality and gender identity affected your relationship with your religion?

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I was already on my way out of the Catholic church and theism in general (thank you, Oklahoma City and Srebenicza), but coming to terms with my sexuality sealed the deal.

It makes me Godless...

My mom is very religious. My dad didn't used to be, but has now become a Pentecostal. I know, I know... My mom's house has (as atheist Jerame loves to point out) a picture of Jesus in every room and almost every table has a Bible on it. One of the many groups that used to send literature to our house (and to me!) was Coral Ridge Ministries, bastion of homophobia.

As you can imagine, I drifted away from that whole zealotry and damnation lifestyle. :)

But I do keep a Bible in my bag. I have a daily devotional that's aimed for gay men. While I may not read it every day, there's been plenty of opportunities where at the minimum I had a few minutes to wait around for something/someone and used them to read some beautiful poetry or inspirational verses.

Whoa! What a loaded question. I could go on for days!

I never really questioned religion until all the "Christians" started their "war" on the "homosexual agenda". That got me studying alot about what the bible really says about the whole thing.

In the end, I think it is more of God's followers that have messed with my relationship with religion than God has. The ironic part is that I have probably thought more about that relationship than those who "speak in the tongues of men and angels, but have not love".

I was raised in a very non-religious household. My mom's Argentine and my dad's a fundamentlist escapee, so no surprises there.

I do have to say that the first time I questioned agnosticism was when I first had sex at 18.... that sex can be powerful stuff!

 Great question.  Bil asked me to let you know I took my ramblings and expanded on them at my blog.