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"We learn the history of our fore-fathers every day. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Patrick Henry were household names. Betsy Ross got a courtesy mention as the proper, flag-sewing homemaker. Lincoln freed the slaves; we learned that in second grade. Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, brave black women on liberation's front lines, still aren't mentioned all that much. How many women from World War I can you name?
"I had never even heard of Alice Paul, a leader of the successful suffrage push in 1920, until my sophomore year of college. How many of us can name white male movers and shakers until we're blue in the face, but don't even know that women not so long ago endured imprisonment and torture to earn our right to vote? Or that, in some countries, women still endure worse and have not yet won this right? I have not even started to scratch the surface of this issue. Women--no, humans--of all colors, deserve our place in the pages of history." -- from the blog Tyrant Queen of the Midgets (who was recently added to the blogroll)

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