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Romney calls for FMA

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Considering that Republicans for some reason don't like McCain and Giuliani's campaign will implode (mark my words), I'm thinking there's a really good chance that we'll have a Romney ticket. And he did the best of his party in the Q1 fundraising game. So it's good to know that when it comes to the Constitution, his priorities are straight. From 365gay:

"As the governor of Massachusetts having seen the advent of same-sex marriage in my state, and recognizing that with the new governor, people are going to be coming to Massachusetts, getting married in Massachusetts and then going home to their home states, it strikes me that you have to have a national standard," Romney told the Manchester Union.

Romney said that if the old law is repealed it is likely that a same-sex couple from outside Massachusetts will go to the state, get married, and then try to have the courts in their home state validate the marriage. "And that's going to go to the (U.S.) Supreme Court," he told the paper.

"At that stage, the Supreme Court could say it's not valid, it's null and void," Romney said. "But to me the most sure way to preserve the traditional marriage is by having a federal amendment."


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Ugh is right. Does this mean the only issue that the republicans will use in the presidential election (were it Romney) will be marriage for gays and lesbians/social issues?

Social issues are not the main concern, IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!! - As Bill Clinton's campaign proclaimed. The dollar is going into the dumper and messing with foreign trade. This so-called war on terror is taking precious resources - and precious Americans - our of our embrace. If the democrats cannot expound upon those issues, then we are lost, because the republicans would likely keep running this country into the ground.