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School videotapes two girls kissing: Calls parents

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What in the hell is going on here? Can you imagine if you'd kissed someone in high school and the school videotaped it and showed it to your parents? Now how about if it was a gay kiss?

That seems to be what happened at Gig Harbor High School in Washington state. When two young ladies gave each other a peck, the dean called one of the student's mom and dad.

Keith Nelson, dean of students at Gig Harbor High School, said he saw the students kissing and holding hands in the school's busy commons, checked a surveillance camera and showed the parents the tape because they had asked him a few weeks earlier to alert them to any conduct by their daughter that was out of the ordinary.

They then transferred their daughter to a school outside the Peninsula School District, which lies northwest of Tacoma.

So what does "out of the ordinary" mean anyway? Satan worship with animal sacrifices in the cafeteria? Setting the biology lab on fire? Walking around the school track field with tin foil wrapped around your ears so you can't hear the aliens murmuring? Kissing another girl? I get enough calls from school about my daughter's behavior - talking in class, not being on time, etc. But can you imagine getting this phone call? And then feeling so strongly you have to yank your kid out of the school?

Thankfully, the school principal has said that this will be the last time something like this happens at Gig Harbor. "It's not going to happen again," he said. However, an internal investigation (after one of the students complained her privacy was invaded) concluded that the dean did not violate the school district's policy. The principal says that the tapes will only be used for serious offenses like fighting and vandalism. The dean though, doesn't seem to understand.

Nelson said he respected the change in policy but added that he believes his first obligation is to parents.

"They're paying good money for us to make their kids good citizens," he said. "Whatever that means to the parents, I'll do it."

Someone should tell him that his first obligation is to the kids. His job is to turn them into intelligent, well-adjusted, and responsible citizens - not to snitch them out for a harmless kiss. Someone should get him a job at the East Allen County school district.

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