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SJR-7: the week following

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After doing a number of pieces in the last few months about SJR-7, I've been quiet since its defeat in committee last Tuesday. Not because I am not exhilarated over what happened; I truly am. Maybe I'm a bit overly cautious about the possibility of a "Monday Republican Surprise" on the last day measures from the Senate are eligible for second reading. Also, frankly, in anticipation of what I thought the likely course of action, the removal of the second section, I had prepared several pieces commenting on that scenario and its aftermath which wouldn't have made much sense after Tuesday's vote. They may or may not now appear on this site.

Maybe my lethargy about hitting the computer keyboard this week on SJR-7 or any other subject is just a bit of let-down after the pace of events leading up to Tuesday. The fact that spring and its warmth suddenly arrived to be followed by a return to the 20's and 30's these past few days may have also taken its toll. For whatever reason, it likely isn't going to last very long. SJR-7, in its present form or otherwise, is likely to remain a part of the Indiana landscape for some time; and all of us need to be prepared to continue the battle against it.

In the meantime, whatever your own faith or philosophical tradition, last Tuesday's vote was a reminder that hope in basic fairness, and the betterment of the human condition, is worthy of our faith in it. That is at the heart of the message of Easter. May it be a time of joy, reflection and peace for you and yours.

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