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Sometimes things aren't always what they seem

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Sometimes our prejudices and preconceptions trick us into believing something when we really don't know. "Statistics say..." we mutter as we try to defend ourselves. Sometimes when we get wrapped up in our preconceived notions, we can get blown right out of them. It just happened to me.

I'm going to feed you on this one. Jerame found an amazing video clip and it blew me away. We did some research on it to see if it was actually true, and it is! Seems that there's a homeless guy in New York City. He's fairly well known as a street singer. He puts out a cardboard box for tips and croons to the pedestrians with a huge 80's style boombox.

This video is a mini-bio on Super Bad Brad. Watch the video and shatter some of your prejudices too. He's ugly, unkempt and probably more than a little crazy... But, as you get to the end - he can sing!

(Continues after the jump - oh yes, there's more!)

Here's Brad doing a Lou Rawls number in the park. He's got quite the range, eh?

As for the clip that Jerame found first? The one that set off the great internet search? You can see it here. In the video, Super Bad Brad gets invited to the Apollo Theatre. He takes the crowd by storm... Absolutely amazing. And not what you expect at all.

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Bil & Jerame, thanks for sharing this! I loved it! As a social worker, I am all about finding one's strengths and looking past the exterior!