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Stephen Bennett's up to it again

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 24, 2007 6:51 PM | comments

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I catch flack from time to time in the comments about my use of the phrase "heterosexual supremacy". I personally think it gets right to the point - these people think that heterosexuality is superior to all other sexualities and that heterocentric gender roles are superior to all other forms of gender expression. It encompasses everything from the raging hate of the Phelps Klan to the cool pseudo-intellectualitsm of Paul Cameron, from the political bullying of Jerry Falwell to every political commentator paranoid that queers might, you know, one day be equal.

So I'm not surprised to read John Aravosis report that Stephen Bennett just told everyone how great a white supremacist on YouTube is. Stephen Bennett runs Stephen Bennett Ministries, claims to be a spokesman for the Concerned Women for America, and is one of the big ex-gay-for-pay's out there. Stephen emailed his list asking people to go watch a video that claims that "faggots" are "brainwashing children". The director has quite the CV:

- The Black Death (about how Asians nearly killed Europeans by giving them the plague)
- Keep America white
- Hitler
- Blacks are racist
- Homosexuals Brainwashing Children (parts I and II)
- Mexican druglords and human sacrifice
- White Europeans are the first Americans (parts I, II and III)
- Black Crime
I've been interested in Stephen for a couple of years now ever since I found out that he fancied himself a recording artist. You can listen at his site, but I'm warning you, one of his hilarious songs will start to play right as you load up the page, so don't follow the link if you're in a non-music-friendly setting. (Funny how these nutjobs can't design a polite website.) He also begs for money 26 different ways on his site.

Read the rest of Aravosis's entry here; it's well worth it. I mean, if this isn't heterosexual supremacy, then I don't know what is.

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Lynn David | April 25, 2007 2:43 AM

You learn something new every day. I too jumped to a different conclusion, that being Coefficient of Variability. Afterall, my CV is higher than a kite!

Those who can, do.... those who can't, have to talk about it. Guys like Bennet and Marcavage are on such a fringe I don't believe they ever lovingly beheld another man. They may be among the only few examples of neoFreudian-Nicolosian psychohomosexuals. The ex-gay people I have known personally are not in their league, they are usually commendatory of gay people. Sometimes I think they miss us... ;-)

I usually ask such people how many youngsters they recruited during their stint of gayness.