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Thursday open thread

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After several events on the road this past week, this question seems relevent.

Who drives better in general: people with this license plate:

or people with this one:

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I don't know who drives better, or if there's a noticeable difference.

But yesterday, I saw three IGWT plate-holders throw cig butts out their windows.

Which is a huge pet peeve. Plus, in more-parched times, dangerous. And rude.

LOL, that's easy. The Amber Waves of Nausea drive better because the others are Trusting God to keep them alive!

Marla R. Stevens | April 26, 2007 1:35 PM

My Pentacostal in-laws will doubtless all have the IGWT ones asap. To a person, they're scary on the road. My sister-in-law is the worst. Nobody in the family will suffer being her passenger any longer. Her god has also neglected to provide her with a sense of direction, so you can easily spot her as the one with her window down, shouting for directional help, as she drives backward up the highway on-ramp.

Earlier this week, while waiting at a red light to cross 151st street on SR 31, the car waiting in the other lane just ran the red light when there was a small opening in the traffic. And that intersection was really busy, what with a Target, a Walmart, a Wendy's, and a McDonald's on the four corners! Sure enough, there was one of the blue license plates as this person drove off.

Also, as I was going south on 31 a few days later, another car was in front of me and changed lanes 4 times within a mile and drove five under the speed limit! Once again, another blue plate.

Not saying that they're all bad drivers. But the anecdotal evidence is piling up.

Well, both drive bad but, IGWT stands out more when they speed through SCHOOL ZONES ( my pet peeve ). Throw cig-butts out window. Don't signal a turn. It just makes me feel sick to my stomach everytime I see one. Being a "Christian" or more what the word evokes is a threat to me and my family.

Zach Adamson | April 26, 2007 4:56 PM

Update from the Ghetto... I can tell that of the cars that drive through the hood with radios booming base to shake my windows and those who stop to pick up Holly Hooker or visit with Danny Drugdealer.. a VAST majority of them have the "Im so insecure with my faith I must see visible signs of my religious domination everywhere I go or I may fall into a world of lesbian devil worship" plates.

I went to the bmv today to get my plates. I was SO hoping that the clerk would ask if I wanted one. I had my reply all ready: "No thanks, He already knows".

The did have a nice sign out front pimping the new plate though.