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Two doors down

Filed By Bil Browning | April 02, 2007 4:05 PM | comments

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Be sure to update your RSS feeds and bookmarks! Shakespeare's Sister has picked up and moved! Melissa McEwan has decided to blog under her own name at the new site, Melissa and Company have added some new bloggers to the mix, while being able to ditch Blogger. (I remember how happy I was to move over to Movable Type from Blogger!)

Liss writes:

When I started the blog and had no readers besides Mr. Shakes, it didn't seem particularly weird to share my handle with the name of the blog, but an entire community of contributors, guest writers, commenters, and lurkers grew, it didn't make a bit of sense. It was way past time to move beyond Shakespeare's Sister--and so here we are in Shakesville.

The link on the left is updated now and I've fixed my RSS feed. Be sure to do the same!

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You won't stop with the Dolly Parton references all week because of that interview, right Bil?

Thanks for the announcement post, Bil!

And, btw, the feed has been fixed. ;-)

It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, Alex. *grins* Wait till you see my post on "A Coat of Many Colors." *laughs*

Liss, the feed always worked for me. I added you to RSS this morning and I've been keeping tabs on you all day long. :)