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  • A columnist for The Bakersfield Californian calls for an end to "That's so gay" in school:
    It has taken months, but my students are almost trained. My sophomores and juniors will start to say it, look at me, and then amend their statement. "That's so g -- stupid and annoying," I hear, several times a day now. What they are trying hard to remember not to say in our classroom is, "That's so gay."
  • Queersighted asks us to revolutionize elderly care because our people grow old too:
    An elderly gay friend of mine who has been HIV+ since the formation of the Grand Canyon recently remarked that as a gay man he's never felt that he was growing old just increasingly invisible. He joked that when he was first diagnosed with AIDS back in the 80s he became invisible and untouchable. Over the years, as understanding and compassion replaced ignorance and fear, he was able to rejoin "life"; now he's growing old and it's the same bulls**t all over again."
  • Mattilda reflects on queer assimilation and gender identity:
    I wonder about that pattern -- sex in the places that I like, but not necessarily with the people I'm most attracted to versus that feeling of alienation and desperation from those gay consumer spaces of coyness overshadowing potential. Of course I believe in expanding attraction and not limiting it, but sometimes it's confusing to figure out what is expansive and what is limiting.
  • Pam Spaulding continues her interview with Joe Murray, formerly of the AFA:
    It is clear that throughout a large portion of the "family values" world there is a fear of homosexuals. This fear almost borders on paranoia, for many believe that gays are out to recruit the young and overrun the culture. Any advance made by gays, thus, is a loss for Christendom. It is my belief that this zero sum mentality has been interwoven into AFA's fabric, and the fabric of most "pro-family" groups.
  • grasps at straws to find LGBT-related films for you to watch this spring:
    Spider-Man 3 -- [...] What gives this film a gay sensibility? Leading a double life is familiar to anyone who has come out of the closet.

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An end to "that's so gay" in school:

While the teacher's goals are admirable, she's not really putting an end to students saying "that's so gay." She even admits as much when she says that students amend their statements while in her presence. Does she really think that her students are so PC outside of her classroom? If so, she's delusional. Adults and children everywhere are situationally adaptive. The kids will bend to her will while in her class, but revert to their norm once they escape.

Personally, I'd much rather hear the phrase and have an opportunity to have a teaching moment than have the student censor themselves in my presence while continuing to use it otherwise.

Tolerance is great and admirable, but forcing the appearance of tolerance from the unwilling is a great mistake. It also isn't likely to change the person's beliefs one iota.

I enjoyed this list-- and thanks for including me!

Love --