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First off, thanks to Bil, Alex and Jerame for giving me the opportunity to post here, I am truly grateful.

Now for a little orientation! TCD (short hand, you know, for Town Called Dobson because I am too lazy to type it all out) started in 2004 when I was more than a little bored in a hotel room with no cable and no internet. If I am bored, I am dangerous and since I was not in a state with a legal casino, I came up with this cartoon. That night I developed about a half a dozen characters and made three strips based on topics from that morning's USA Today. I was off to a roaring start and got no farther. Life happens.

The first three strips were developed way before the dust-up concerning the Danish cartoons dealing with Islam. I had forgotten about this little side project until folks started burning down embassies because of pen and ink. I then wondered how mine, specifically the two with Johnny Allah would be viewed. When I went back, almost 2 years later, I thought they were even more poignant than before.

So I decided to crank production back up. Besides, three published strips is just flat out pitiful. For more on the history of TCD, check out my FAQ.

I thought I would start off my series here with some goodies from the archive to let you folks get acquainted with the characters. Today we feature three characters; Kiko, Rakarah and Elwood Leroy Bible Thumper.

Kiko is the town's only out-of-the-closet lesbian. Kiko has pondered switching sides, especially when Rockstar comes into her espresso shop but knew it was just the caffeine talking. Her girlfriend is currently deployed to Iraq and not liking it one bit. Her coffee shop, The Buddha Bean, is command central for all her gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to congregate and hang out.

Rakarah is the only sane woman in town. Part-time Pagan cat whisperer, full-time community activist, and a survivor of Catholic school, Rakarah is known to everyone in town as she must be on all the town's phone trees. Also married Patrick. They live with their two cats; Hobie and Shelly.

Elwood Leroy Bible Thumper, a devout Fundamentalist Christian and proud member of the local Republican Party, Bible Thumper is always trying to save souls, kill liberals and run for Congress. He used to wear his religion on his sleeve, but his arm turned out to be too damn small for Jebus!

You can see the whole cast HERE.

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Welcome to the blog, Stormy! We're happy to have you here hanging out with us. I'm sure you'll be a huge hit with our readers. :)