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Yes, I know. It's finally time to stop with the SJR-7 coverage. But those pesky fundies just can't rest - their whining and moaning continues in today's Indy Star with a guest editorial by Republican Representative Woody Burton.

Other local blogs have good coverage about the post already so I'm not going to dissect the entire editorial. You can go read it if you need a good laugh (or cry, depending). Burton is known for his wacky "What separation of church and state?" brand of government (Remember, he brought you those In God We Trust license plates!) and homophobic legislation attempts. But even, by Woody's standards, he's stepping over the line with this comment:

A legal definition of marriage is found in 27 states' constitutions. Seventeen states have a definition of marriage by statute and only six states have no provision prohibiting same-sex marriage. It is time for Indiana to join those states that legally define marriage as a union between one man and one woman and not allow liberal judges to decide the future of marriage in the state.
Now hold on a good minute there, Bubba Burton. Let's break that down...

27 states have constitutional amendments
17 states only have DOMAs, but no amendments
6 states don't touch the subject

Our not-so-esteemed legislator says, "It is time for Indiana to join those states that legally define marriage..." We already do, Woody. We're one of the 17 - not the 6. Indiana has already joined "those states that legally define marriage."

So shut up already. Stop whining. You've already got what you want.

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Desperation, unqualified blubbering desperation -- I can't get enough of those fundie moans!