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Britney Spears: A Drag Queen of Her Former Self

Filed By Michael Buckley | May 29, 2007 2:41 PM | comments

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Hello everyone! I shot this last week as I took this week off from shooting. Some of this is a little dated but it is still funny. Also- I stand corrected Shania Twain does have a child! hahahah! As you may know, facts are not exactly important to me anyways!

Please be advised this post does contain lanquage and is not suitable for kids or some workplace computers :-)

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Wait... I don't get the Miami comment. Why isn't it America?

And why are all these women labeled as skanks?

They are not all skanks- it is just one of my favorite words so I use it.

Yeah, um, the casual slurs against women are pretty lame. This "humor" seems steeped in the borderline misogyny that I had hoped the queer community would have outgrown by now.

I get 100's of comments a day on you tube saying how enjoyable my posts are.

I get 2 comments on here saying it is not funny and how far I set the gay movement back.



At least you take it with a sense of humor.... :)

Bruce Parker II | May 30, 2007 3:26 AM

Let me rise to Buck's defense - 1. He does a wonderful Kelly Clarkson rendition. 2. well men and women can both be skanky....

I kinda have a crush on buck. He is cute.

I think Buck is really funny - that's why I invited him to be a part of bilerico. A lot of time we take ourselves waaaaay to seriously around here and it's nice to have someone lighten things up. Comedians push the edge with language constantly; it's part of what makes them funny and outrageous. Not to mention that I've seen much worse language on the blog than "skank." Lighten up, folks!

I love bad language and edgy humor--in service of progressive ideals. This is why I love the work of people like David Wain, Michael Showalter, or Eugene Mirman. Or even Margaret Cho & Ellen Degeneres. There's a humanist core undergirding their comedic project.

I don't love pointless snarkiness in service of the semiotic subjugation of women.

So you're saying that Margaret Cho's comments about "fags" and her racially degrading Asian impressions are okay - but calling Britney Spears a skank isn't? That seems like a double standard...

Thanks Bil! hee-hee!
And yes Alex I have a great sense of humor and don't mind when people do not like my videos.
At least the comments here seem like they are like super smart! Unlike you tube where they just write DIE FAG and I WOULD LIKE TO KILL THIS POLE SMOKER!

I sometimes do full episodes of reading mean comments! ;-)

Bil~ It doesn't seem like a double standard to me (although I do have a problem with Maggy Cho's classism, but that's another post topic). Especially since her comments about "fags" that I can remember are really just limited to "fag hags", which honestly I find that stuff tedious but there really isn't another word for that phenomenon. And I don't think her humor about Asians is degrading... in fact she's one of the few comedians willing to touch the subject of racism against Asians and call it out. A lot of her impressions of Asian people are in fact parodies of impressions of Asian people that white folk have done for years, in the same way that someone might call someone out on homophobia or racism by sarcastically parroting their ideas back at them.

Buck~ I think it would be great if you posted about the comments you get on YouTube. I'm sure you get a lot of hate just because you're so open about your gender performace and sexuality to so many people (since I don't speak here and I only write I'm probably avoiding a lot of comments about my gender performance since people probably read cultural masculinity into what I'm writing because they know I'm male).

Kevin~ Ellen.... edgy? Hey, did you ever notice how small food is on airplanes? Maybe they think that since you're so high up you'll think it's really big! "Oh, I can't eat that... it's as big as a house!"

Everyone - I love how this turned into a "Boys only" discussion of misogyny.

It's true, Ellen is far from edgy. But she does demonstrate what I mean by having a humanist core at the heart of her comedic project.

And alex, this is not a boys-only discussion of misogyny. It's one person calling out misogyny, and Buck responding by saying "I like saying skank!" and "Other people think I'm funny!" and "LOL!" He hasn't responded seriously, and probably isn't capable of doing so.

I'm sorry Kevin, but at this point you just lost your credibility with me.

"...this is not a boys-only discussion of misogyny."

Um, every comment on here has been left by a male. We're talking about misogyny. Therefore, it is a boys-only discussion of misogyny. If you're not able to admit this much truth in a discussion, what else are you willing to deny for the sake of your argument?
"He hasn't responded seriously, and probably isn't capable of doing so."

So you're willing to criticize someone for degrading women by calling them a "skank," but it is perfectly acceptable for you to insult someone's intelligence? What kind of f---ed up world do you live in? By this point, if you have to resort to "and he's stooopid too!", you've run out of reasonable arguments and are just attacking for the purpose of being hurtful.

I am not a serious person. I am a silly lighthearted person who enjoys making videos. I didn't realize you were looking for a serious response to your comment. You mention people and use words and I have no idea what you are talking about. ;-)

Hey Bill- at least you got some comments in here today! And at least these skanks know not to watch anymore! Loves ya!

Bil~ I think he was referring to how this wasn't really a "discussion", not that is wasn't "boys only". I think that was kinda clear. It's a point well taken, instead of standing around accusing people, maybe we should have a real discussion.

And did Kevin have any credibility with you from the start? You haven't taken anything he's said seriously at all and just jumped around it. And I think that was kinda his point. I don't think he was saying that anyone was stupid, just that the people here defending the blanket assumption that all women are skanks don't really seem to be willing to engage or justify doing just that.

And I think Buck's a pretty smart guy for what it's worth. You're smart and witty and fully capable of responding, Buck!

And Bil, stop taking a few comments on a blog so seriously. Lighten up!

Hey Bill- at least you got some comments in here today! And at least these skanks know not to watch anymore!
Yes, the comments. We need more comments like Leslee Unruh thinks America needs more babies. We need more comments!

And you pretend like you don't understand what's going on, Buck, and then you go ahead and call abunch of men skanks. I'm on to you.... :)

Scratches head and wanders back to YOU TUBE to see the 400 nice comments I got today! hee-hee.

Thanks Alex!

Bruce Parker II | May 31, 2007 1:34 AM

While Alex will probably remind me that this post is so last week...

I just want to ask why an all male discussion of misogyny is a bad thing?